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Whole Testpaper Bengal Institute Of Technology - 22 February 2008 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper Bengal Institute Of Technology - 22 February 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hello frndz Its me TANUMOY frm BENGAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY wishing u all d best for ur upcoming INFOSYS placement......well before i went for it i thot it was very hard and i hvno chance.....but now dat i have cleared it then i feel dat its not dat too hard.....just u need determination and confidence and MOST IMPORTANTLY ENGLISH.......

There were 2 parts of aptitude test:

LOGICAL (30questions 40mins....60% cutoff) 
(a) A cube sum of painting its sides and thene dividing into 1000 small cubes...and then 5 questions on it....
(b) Figure matrix....u have to choose d odd one out or d next figure in line.....5 questions
(c) 5 Data Sufficiency problem...easy ones
(d) 5 Questions on Data Interpretation....a table was given on rice and wheat production....easy but lengthy....will suggest to do this at last.
(e) 5 Questions on Puzzle was d simplest of d lot.....there were 5 houses A,B,C,D,E,F 3 on each side of the road with colours red,blue,green,white,etc......smallest house in green in colour....B which is red is opposite to C...(remaining i forgot)....
(f) 5 Questions on Syllogism.....easy

just go thru RS Aggarwal.....and its enuff for d LOGICAL part......i ll suggest u to go for d maximum marks here because its d easiest part than verbal.....while selecting they may go for d aptitude marks too....

VERBAL(40questions 35mins....50% cutoff)
(a) 2 Simple comprehensions....4 Questions each...answers all given in d passage directly just needed to find them.....Do these at last....
(b) 8 Questions on Choosing d appropriate sentence frm four options....these are a bit tricky....they all seem to b correct.....practise sentence construction.....
(c) 8 Questions on sentence correction in which u have to find correct replacement for underlined part in d sentence
(d) 8 Questions on Fill in d blanks with suitable grammatical words.....again all d 4 options ll seem correct.....
(e) 8 Questions on Theme Detection......for each question a situation/passage is given with four options.....u have to choose d appropriate one......

So friends this is d verbal may look easy but its a lot more tricky than being hard.....and this is where most of d students gets elliminated...strange isnt it???? But "Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction" i suggest go back to ur old cupboard and take out ur WREN n MARTIN again n ofcourse go thru it....ALL D BEST

OUT OF 180(approx) 22 GOT SELECTED 4 u can very well imagine d competition my frnds.....

1) What is ur name? Tanumoy or Tanmay?
2) Whats d difference between d two?
3) Ask me bout my school.....
4) Diff between ICSE and CISCE...
5) If u have a brother or a sister who needs to be admitted to a school so which board (ICSE or CBSE) u ll prefer nd y?
6) What do u mean by innovation? what innovative thing u have done in ur lyf?
7) Have u seen Lagaan? there was a bowler who used to come and rotate his arm and u think such bowling action is legal nowadays?
8) If u r Australian team captain and Symonds is not performing well because of his long hairs so u went and asked him to trim his hair but he said i wont dats my wat wud u have done then?
9) Ur u have any? do u think its a weakness...y???
8) if u r chosen for Infy or TCS and u r asked to work on weekends so what ll u feel?