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Latest Paper At MSU, Vadodara On 14th May, 2007 by Infosys

Details of Latest Paper At MSU, Vadodara On 14th May, 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Category (Placement Paper or Interview Experience): Placement Paper
Date Conducted: 14 May 2007

The test paper consisted of two parts:
Aptitude test: 40 minutes (30 questions)
Q. 1-5: A statement was given... There are seven friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G each of them having a 7 digit phone number. No phone number has digits 0,1, or 9 in it and no digit is repeated in any phone number. The phone number of B has digits in ascending order. 2 is the second last digit in phone number of A. 2 is the middle digit in phone number of C and so on. You need to figure out phone numbers of all the friends. There were some more similar questions.
Q. 6-10: They were based on data interpretation and were quite easy.
Q. 11-15: They were based on logical reasoning and were easy too. Information about 4 batsmen (Sachin, Ravi, Kambli and Dravid) was furnished and questions were asked on that.
Q. 16-20: They were related to triangle congruency and basic math.
Q.21-25 : They were based on data sufficiency.
Q.26-30: It was required to find out the odd figure.

Verbal test: 35 minutes (30 questions)
Q. 1-10 : There were 2 paragraphs and questions were based on them.
Q.11-15: It was required to select grammatically correct sentence from the options given.
Q.16-20: It was required to select the option which will make the sentence grammatically correct.
Q. 21-25: Fill in the blanks.
Q. 26-35: It was required to give conclusion based on a paragraph.

There were two interviews. First one lasted for almost 45 minutes. Some of the questions are listed below:
1. Talk about yourself.
2. Talk about any creative thing you did in your school days.
3. Would you lie for the company?
4. What would you do if you father is seriously ill and your leave is not sanctioned because of huge amount of pending work?
5. What would you do if someone keeps sending vulgar messages on your mobile and does not stop at any cost?
In the second interview, they asked technical questions like queries related to winows OS, Vista, wi-fi technology etc.