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Infosys VIT,Bangalore - 13 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys VIT,Bangalore - 13 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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I from AVIT college from chennai...we had infosys test on 13th of september.....I was very tensed by seeing the such a big crowd...The Pre-placement talk started at 8.30am in the morning....After that we had went to the exam room....then they have given us the form in which we have to fill all our basic thing.

Finally at 10am the exam started......At first they hav given us reasoning paper...and after that english paper...
1)Reasoniong paper(30 ques,40 min)
2)English(40,30 min)

The reasoning paper was little bit consist of
1)5 ques from series(Figure one).very easy...start with these ques will take very less time....
2)5 ques from syllogism....
3)5 ques from data suffiency
4) 5ques from data intepretation (do it at last...)..
5) 10 ques from puzzle

For all the ques refer from R.S.Aggarwal Verbal and non verbal reasoning book is more than enough..
For data intepretation do pie,line,and bar chart..for this refer from R.S.Aggarwal quantitative book.

English paper was little bit tough...but if u hav some knowledge of grammer than you can do it..
Paper consits of
1)10 ques from R.C(do not start with it..because it take lot of time )
2)10 ques from sentence correction...(very easy)
3)10 ques from fill in the blanks.(start with these only)
4)10ques from theme detection

600 student appeared for the written exam.....only 230 cleared that round...
Our exam was over at 11.45am....and they announced the result at 2.30pm..
Now it was turn for the HR interview
there were 8 pannel
my pannel was very good..she was a lady....
My interview started at 6.30pm.
ME: may i come in mam.?
HR: yes
HR:how are you?
HR:you are from IT stream...tell me what is the difference between IT and CSE
HR:why u hav taken IT.?
ME:toldQuick Stats:-
Venue:- Vemana Institue of Technology,Bangalore
Selection Process:-Pool Campus
No. of colleges participated-3
Total no. of eligible students appeared for test:- 560
Students selected for HR:- 170
Students finally selected:- 160

The PPT started at 9 am which went on till 10am.
After which we were dispersed to d respective rooms where in we were given a form to fill up(which was quite easy to fill).
Our exam started at 10:45am with Reasoning/Quantitative Question paper being distributed 1st!

It consisted of 30 questions with the time limit of 40mins.

The question paper consisted of:-
5 questions on figure(Next 1 in series)(Very very easy)
10 questions on 2 puzzles(Easy)
5 questions on data interpretation(Average)
5 questions on Data Sufficiency(Very Tough)
5 questions on Syllogism(Easy if u know the concept)

V. IMP- In syllogism, DO NOT ASSUME!! for ex. - if d question said
All books are copies. Some pens are copies.
So DO NOT assume IT MAY BE TRUE,they have not given it!!
Just read once and do it!!EXCLUDE may or may not be options!!

Verbal Section:-
It consisted of 40 questions, and 30 mins
TIME MANAGEMENT is v v important
Do not get stuck in a single question

10 questions from sentence correction( Very easy, start from here)
10 questions from fill in the blanks( Easy, do it at 2nd no.)
10 questions from theme detection( Very tough,do it before Reading Comprehension,with full focus!!Its here where u can win or loose the game)
10 question from Reading Comprehension(Do it at the end!!Read the questions 1st, then 1st paragraph and so on...!!)(U can go for guessing if time is not thr!)

TIME MANAGEMENT is very important in Verbal.

Each section has its own Sectional cut off!!
For us for Quantitative the sectional cut off was 18.
while for verbal it was 24!!

I scored 28 out of 30 in Quantitative while a staggering 38 out of 40 in Verbal!( Which i saw later while my interview was being taken!)

The results were declared at 3:30pm after that selected students started moving to the HR round classrooms to wait!

My HR interview time came around 7:30pm and i was quite tensed.

Excerpts from the HR interview:
The interviewer was a young man in his 30s.

Me: May I come in Sir.
Interviewer:Yes come in.
Me:good evening Sir
I:Good evening,pls take ur seat

I:So Khalid u from Bangalore only ??

I: I c u r frm ECE, y u chose EC?
me:(though I had prepared this question before i forgot and stammered) Bec....

I: Are u tensed?
Me:Yes sir!A bit!
I: oh don,t be tensed I am not asking u any thing technical
Me: I went on to exlain properly y i chose EC(It gives more opportunity to get into core or IT)

I(seeing my resume): Have u done any projects till now
Me: no sir!But v will start shortly on our last year project!

I: So Khalid which has been the toughest subject till now?
Me: Sir, no subject was tough or easy, all were equally tough and easy!
I: But i can see a degradation in ur marks?
Me: Yes Sir, In an examination a student is reqd. to express himself with in d time frame of 3 hrs,which
some students r able to do while others are not able to do and i am a part of the latter group(who r not able to express with in 3hrs)...
I: So u mean Time Management is the problem with u?
Me: Yes Sir,Time management is the problem but I am improving over it

I:How exactly r u improving over it?
Me: I solve some academic question papers or company papers like that of Wipro, Infosys etc. and I c to it that
i am able to finish off in the alotted time.
Though some times i am not able to finish but other times I am able to!!

I:Ok Khalid, so u have any questions for us

(Now, this is time to hit back even if ur interview was not great, always prepare 2-3 questions ready
but they shudnt be something that u shud have known urself)

Me: Sir, Which project will I be handling after the training?
I:During training trainers will guide about dis...(He explained for 2 mins)

Me:Sir, What are the couple of things that u really like about this organisation?
I:Though my likings may not be ur likings but i like the nature,ambience,equality to every1 ...(explained for another 1 min)

Me:What are the prospects of higher education while in the job?
I: Through correspondence(explained for 1 min)

Me : Thats all Sir
I: Ok nice meeting u Khalid Zafar
Me: Thank you Sir

We shook hand and I came out.

Our results were announced at 8:30pm.
Though i was confident about getting through, but got really tensed as my name was called out at 2nd last( List was made on a random basis).

Once u clear the Apti HR round is really easy to get through!!
Just be confident and be yourself, don,t fake or lie(much) :P!!

Thanks and ALL D BEST TO U!!!

HR:tell me about ur project
HR:hav u presented any paper
HR:hav u taken any seminar.
after that mam had asked many question form my resume..
one thing i want 2 tell u that in interview time do not b confident(the most important)..,and dont bluff the HR....
they will check only our communication skill and ur confident.....
from 230 student 160 cleared the HR around....luckly i was one of them...
thanx god 4 blessing me....BEST OF LUCK..