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Details of INFOSYS PAPER ON 5th FEBRUARY AT BHUBANESWAR 5 Feb 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Category (Placement Paper or Interview Experience): Interview Experience
Date Conducted: 5 Feb 2008


Hi, i am binayak and i appeared for Infosys campus drive in College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar on 5th feb,2008. To be frank i was not at all prepared for the campus drive. i expected infosys to visit our campus around 15th feb, but it visited on 5th which created a lot of tension.

I am very thankful to all the students whose valuable feedback helped me tremendously in my three days preparation for Infosys.

Written was quite easy which focussed mainly on Reasoning and English. I could answer most of them. Remember there is sectional cutoff which may vary from 60% to 70%, so be careful.

There were more than 350 students who appeared and out of which 73 could clear the written. After that there was a PI. Here are some questions asked in my PI.

Me: (knocked on the door) Excuse me sir, may i come in?
HR: yes please.
Me: (before the chair) good evening sir.
Hr: Good evening. (then he shook hands with me. Remember to give a firm handshake. they r looking for confidence). give me your resume. have a sit.
Me: thank you sir.
HR: (After having a glance at my resume) So binayak tell me something about yourself.
Me: (I didnot repeat my name because he already knew my name. I said about myself)
HR: how many siblings do you have.
Me: i answered.
HR: what are they doing?
Me: (I said).
HR: What is your favourite subject?
Me: I like Microprocessor.
HR: Apart from this do you have another favourite subject.
Me: Transmission and distribution
HR: Tell me how power is distributed?
Me: ( I said)
HR: what is a capacitor? (i am from electrical branch so these questions were asked to me).
Me: ( answered)
HR: what is a transformer?
Me: I answered.
HR: How does an escalator work?
Me: (I answered).
HR: Do we use any electronics devices in escalators?
Me: ( answered)
HR: (then he gave me a puzzle about a train stuck between two stations and it is flooded outside. i have no means to communicate outside the train, what will i do in such a situation)
Me: I answered. ( Not all the questions have a perfect answer. remember while answering just speak about whatever is going on inside your mind. they just want to see your approach towards the problem.)
HR: do you have anything to ask to me?
Me: What kind of prpaparation do i need to make before joining Infosys, if i get selected?
HR: He answered. ( just listen to what he says).
Thanks you binayak. this is all i would like to know about you.
Me: Thank you sir, it was nice talking to you.

The results were declared 2 hours after i was interviewed. I was one among 43 who got through the Interview. A lot of credit goes to for providing such a wonderful forum for students to share their experiences. Best of Luck guys and gals. and if you get selected then do write your feedback, this will definitely help others.