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Chitkara University - 8 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Chitkara University - 8 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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1035 appeared and 550 were selected in written and 350 were selected after interviews and fortunately I was one of them.written paper was very easy except verbal part(very difficult).
1)30 aptitude questions in 30 mins(very very easy).I completed in 28 min.
2)40 verbal questions 30 min(very very difficult).I was able to do only 20 on myself ,,rest I guessed.

It was my best interview ever.
I was asked 4 questions for 20 min
1)Puzzle-->>2 persons are playing table tennis,, suddenly their ball fell in 6 feet deep cylindrical well with diameter 1 feet.
how would they take the ball out.( filling the well with water,,the ball is hollow ,so it will come out)
U can answer in our own way.
2)Explanation about the 6 weeks training project.U should have thorough knowledge of your project( the technology used,database used,platform)
3)u r made the project leader of a team of 3 members,,asked to make project on online electricity bills ,,how would u manage your team .(I answered how will I divide the work among them ie.database,coding,electronics part.)
->them he asked if one your team member leave your team then how will u manage?.
->will the project be delayed ?
4)you r send to advertise the companies product in banglore and u have to present a presentation their,,the time u reach the destination u had noticed that ur presentation has crashed. What would u do at that moment.(Answered)