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Candidate Experience - July 1st 2008 Avanthi Engg College Vizag By Sunil by Infosys

Details of Candidate Experience - July 1st 2008 Avanthi Engg College Vizag By Sunil by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi frnds,
im sunil kumar ~> final year student of Avanthi Engg College Vizag, belonging to computers science branch.
we had infosys drive on july 1st, in our college around 1108 members atttended the written exam in which 110 are short listed for the interview...finally 56 (21 girls+35 boys) have been selcted...qualification is 63 in 10th,inter and B.Tech..for those got selcted in INFOSYS they should maintain there percentages in final year as 68% and no backlogs., im one among them who got selected .This is my third campus drive after Satyam,Sonata then finally placed in Infosys....
coming to the test pattern...they are totally 2 rounds of selection process...

1.written test (apptitude 30 ques 40 min + verbal 40 ques 30 min)
2.Interview( non technical ).

most imp thing i want to tell u is before u start ur written test everyoine will be given a INFOSYS form..which contains details like percentages and family background details, which a student need to fill..everyone thinks these are normal..but in this one shouls specify total marks he scored out of entire marks in each year like in 10th,inter,and graduation. NEVER cheat here because almost 10 members are been back listed based on the wrong information given,in these fields..when their certificates re been verified by the HR himself..HR is checking the xerox of ur certificates, so certificate Xeroxes are must..

coming to the apptitude test..
they are 5 topics one should be strong enough...
1.Data Sufficiency. (easy refer to R.S.Agarwal verbal & non verbal)
2.Data Interpretation. (Very Easy refer R.S.Agarwal quantative apptitude)
3.Syllogisms. (little time taking follow all the 9 rules in R.S.Agarwal verbal & non verbal ->topic Logic)
4.Figures(series). (very easy R.S.Agarwal verbal & non verbal)
5.Questions based on the puzzle. (very hard, practice the problems from the R.S.Agarwal verbal & non verbal ).

frnds apptitude test is the easiest of all shold know the time maintainence and tactic to choose anwsering the easiest one...i suggest u to first go on with the data sufficiency ..then followed by the data the remaining but last to be toched is the puzzle..because tis a very hard one and time taking and one should note that that puzzle is not from shakuntla devi puzzles,they are basic puzzles from R.S.Agarwal..

in data sufficiency they have given basic problems from R.S.Agarwal..they were quiet easy like finding angle, finding the greatest number , data interpretation a table is given with missing items and we need to find the missing items..frnds this was easiest question in the whole paper...syllogisms first 4 were easy but the last 2 were little tough but overall good..the best one to practice is R.S.Agarawal ..and figures everyone can find it out but little time taking..coming to Puzzle i blindly kept the options and later found that my anwsers were all wrong..

i found that my score was 23out of 30 in quant so guys dont mind if u fing ur answers wrong still u can make it..

coming to verbal..this was the hardest compared to the quant and the elimination paper for almost everyone..i found that every one made an average score or 20 out of 40 mine is 26,but one who can manage basic english can make it good going..i prefer frnds to just go through "High School English Grammar by Wren & Martyn" becasue i have opened this text just on the day of my campus drive ..i have seen correction of sentences and correct usage of articles and adjectives in that book..i took verbal paper very lite during preparation, so i just gone through it at last minute..but it helped me a who can have the knowledge of finding the rite sentence can get through this...because 75% of the paper is of correction of the sentences and followed by usage of correct words in blanks...and the most danger one and time killer are the Comprehension passages...they will be given at beginning of the paper but frnds plz dont go through it they were 2 big passages almost 2 pages in length each....i have seen many wasted their time going at first to these...
i have done these in last 5 the trail and error method which we done in searching for the question rather reading the entire really helped me and my frnds whogot selected, so by this its all matters only the people who score 20 above in verbal..

results were announced after 4 hrs of time span..i was one among the selected...then we rushed to the HR intervies which was organized into 6 panels....boys and girls are separated..girls had the interview first they were alll finished in just 2 hrs..i.e, is 35 girls were finished interviwing and their results were released in just 30 mints..out of 35 ,21 were been selected..

coming to boys..we had our chance after girls were finished..out of 6 panels 2 were completely elimintaion panels which means they were testing only technical skills..but screwing everyone..
mne was a behavioral turn came after 3 hrs of waiting testing my patience..i enterd the room with a smile.

note: go through ur resume completely , know the meaning of the word u sed i nthe familiar with the details u wrote about urself in CV..simply just be thorugh with ur resume

Me: Good Evening sir..
Hr: Very good evening much long u have been waiting?
Me; almost 3 hrs sir.
Hr: what were u doing that time..?
Me: relaxing myself without geting tensed..
Hr: so are u tensed ?
Me: no sir!
he gave my INFOSYS form to sign on it saying that i dont have any backlogs..and another sign on my anwser sheet which i used in written test....i asked permission whether i can use the table in front of me..he said sure i can..i signed on it and then i saw my marks..
Hr: I would like to know about a person named Mr.Sunil would u tell me?
Me: i was the person whom u like to know sir..and then gave my introduction without including family details as in infosys there is a separate question for family details..
Hr: what are ur strengths ?
me: Adaptability, ability to learn new things, good team leader?
hr: u said u are a team leader so do u have any experience of leading any teams?
me: yes sir, i have been my school yellow house captain, cadet leader for 3(A) naval unit NCC, and class representative of my class.
Hr: very good? dod u organize any events?
me: yes sir i have organized youth festival in my college and farewell to my seniors recently..?
Hr: did u ever face any difficult situation during organizing a event?
me: yes sir!,and explaind the problem .
Hr; Gave a puzzle~> A ship is been floating in the sea at low tide,at that moment a ladder been hanging from the top of the ship it had 10 steps were each step is 1 feet wide and the last step is touching the water...then suddenly the water level has raised to 6 feet due to heavy tide then how many steps are into the water?
me: i anwsered no steps are into the water still the entire ladder wtih 10 steps are outside the water hanging from the ship explainiing that sea level has been raised but the weight of the ship has not been increased so the ship floats in the same way as previous..he got impresed...
Hr: do u like sports?
me: yes sir im an Athlete as a sprinter and a basket ball player?
Hr; what is the distance between each hurdle in 100mts hurdles?(this ques he asked becaused in my CV in my achievents i mentioned i got 1st place in 110 mts hurdles)
me: 10 mts sir!
Hr: (Situation reaction) Listen to me carefully....let ur HOD have given u a mini project and assigned u two members with u,,,u need to submit the project within 30 days ..if u didnt submit u are failed in the end exam...ur work is to monitor the two peoples work,,,suddenly on 28th day one of the person in ur team had come to u and said that "this project is bull shit i dont want to take part" and throws away his work on ur face..and quits from the work ..when u noticed that he havent done any work what will u do at that moment?
me:there will be no such situation at all sir?
HR; can u explain how?
me: as im assigned as a leadr who ahs to monitopr my team members work ,i will look after each individual work and make a note of his daily progress, so there wont be any case that he will be empty handed on the 28th day..if that situation come though that means i have been sleepin gall the 28 days thats not the ideal leaders job....i will notice my team member performance each and every day ,,if i found he is not upto the mark i will make his turn to be and i involve myself..cooperatively..does the work..
Hr: excellant anwser ..well done .sunil!
me: thanks sir..
Hr: can u explain about the problem of global warming?
me: i explained everything ?
Hr: can u let me know how could i help reducing global warming effect at this moment ?
me: yes sir just switching off AC as it releases carbon gases, we have already fan turned on so we will adjust to what ever we do it is for our future generation where our shildren also take part of it..
Hr: good!..another puzzle~> On a night which is very dark u r traveeling in a car suddely ur car tyre got punctured ..u have a spare tyre ,,so u opened the punctured tyre and holding the 4 bolts of the tire in ur hand suddenly u left all the bolts lose in ur hands and they got lost..on the ground u cant search at all as its very dark,..u need to move ur car running at least to nearest house what will u do?
Me: i will open one bolt each form remaing 3 tyres and fix it to the other with three bolts i can drive up to the nearest house or mechanic..
Hr: good anwser..(situation Reaction)..u were organizing a function in ur college , u invited local MLA..he was late 2 hrs passed ..all the audience who are students were making a lot disturbance do u handle the situation..
me:they are two ways to handle this>making the pricipal or HOD to precide over the stage and let them start talking something about the person expected to arrive...this was the hardest of all which audience who are basically students dont like another way is to make some students to come on to the stage and start entertaining the gathering with singing or dancing...
Hr: u have good organinzing and leadeship skills Mr.sunil..
Hr: ur ambition?
Me: explained my ambition..
Hr: tell about ur family
me: Explained.
Hr; Ok sunil..happy to interview u..hope to see u in INFOSYS.
me: Thank u sir....

I was very confident about my selction as the way my interview went on..results of boys were announced around 10.30 night..i was selected and 9 of my classmates made it happen and celebrations started....
every one should keep in mind that once u succed in ur written test u are very close to the INFOSYS ...
All the best my frnds...