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Infosys Atria Institute Of Technology - 14 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys Atria Institute Of Technology - 14 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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We had Infosys in our Campus(Atria Institute of Technology) on 14 th of September.

To begin with let me tell u Infy is very easy 2 get through. They say the real task begins during training. Our seniors who joined infy says its a gr8 place 2 be. So set aside all apprehensions n just go 4 it.
There s a pre-placement talk at the beginning, Please make note of wot they say cox few HR s do ask about it during interview. Moreover its really inspiring one.
Paper pattern in almost 5 places in Bangalore where infy had com was same. Hopefully its gonna b same out der too. we had more of non verbal reasoning questions.
Paper 1: 30 quest n 40 minutes.
5 quest : filling the missing figure. usually there are sequence of figure with one missing in between. U gotta choose the right one.
5 quest: prob on cube or prob like people in a circle, A is on left of B, B is never seated next to C, etc
5 quest: data sufficiency. ex: find mothers age.son is 8 year old. mother is three times of son.
5 quest: data interpretation which is very simple.
5 quest: puzzle, which was bit time consuming bt let me tell u its nt difficult.
5 quest: on syllogism which is the easiest n dont even dare 2 skip it. This is wer v get 5 of 5.
Paper 2: 40 quest, 35 mintues.
Let me tell u the key here is time management.
5-7 quest: they give 4 sentence n we gotta choose the correct sentence. it kills lots of time. if u r not dat gr8 in english go 4 it at the end.
5-8 quest: idioms and phrases, or filling the right word.
5-10 quest: theme detection. They have a passage of three o four lines and a quest based on it wic is very simple.
10 quest:The comprehensions are very huge bt very simple. Its sure any person wil manage 8 of the 10 quest from d 2 passages. Dont skip them by any chance.
Interview is simpl. U clear apti n Can speak ur mind out in interview, u r through. once u clear apti m sure ur resume will look lik offer letter 4 sure :)
Interview is just based on ur resume n they just try finding out if u can speak. 80 0f us wer placed.
All the best... :) Do well... !!!!