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Anand Institute Of Higher Technology,chennai - 2 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Anand Institute Of Higher Technology,chennai - 2 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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The first round consisted of two sections
2.verbal ability
reasoning :
there were 5 que on figure analogy,
10 que on puzzles(a cube is coloured with 6 colours on the six faces,what is the colour on the upper face...such kind of puzzles and another puzzle on seating arrangement)
5 que based on data integration(pie-chart),
5 que on logic deduction(5 sentences were given and u have to find the logical relation between them).
you dont have to study any puzzles from shakuntala devi and all.its not necessary.just think and work out.
verbal ability:
8 que on choose the correct sentence,6 que on choose the correct phrase,theme detection type que(5),and two comprehensions(10 que).my god the comprehensions will make you go crazy literally.

some 160 + students were shortlisted for HR interview
my interview experience:
I had a two panel interview.two kind looking was silent and the other one interviewed me
me:may I come in?
hr:please do come in.have a seat.
me:thank u mam.
hr:can I have your resume?(handed it over to her)
hr:did u keep your name according to numerology?
me:no mam
hr:tell me about your schooling
hr:how do you motivate others?
hr:why did u choose engineering?
hr:why eee?
hr:what do u admire the most in ur college?
hr:when do u get frustrated?
hr:have you organized anything in coll?
hr:what is your aim in life?
hr:do u have any que?
me:I asked some 3 que.she answered it well.
then I thanked her and went off.
they are yet to announce the results.
so guys who want to make it to infosys,just clear the aptitude and you are almost the hr they will mainly test your communication skills.u dont have to study any thing from shakuntala devi and all.time management is the only key to success.all the best.