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9 February 2011 by Infosys

Details of 9 February 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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It,s the time when a large number of companies are hiring a huge quant of freshers. To prepare for Infosys, first of all you have to believe in God and you ought to have forget all your previous failures and never ever depend on luck bcoz it,s the 90% hard work and only 10% luck for being successful.

Infosys paper consists of two papers:
1. Verbal reasoning
2. English Section

No need to do Shakuntala Devi and George sammers. For verbal Section, do just only R.S Aggarwal -Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning. Do the following chapters thoroughly:

* Blood Relations
* Puzzle test
* Direction Sense test
* Logic- for syllogisms. Learn the 9 rules ,that will be more than sufficient, and do all the 3 exercises.
* Visual Reasoning (find the odd figure out, middle figure)
* Cubes and dices (one side is 3 ,then other is what?)
* Data Interpretation (Do from R.S Aggawal Quantative) Last chapters of the book. Learn only the formulae and just take an overview of how the problem is approached

* Data Sufficiency
* Inference from passages

(From Quantative, you can do Time and work, time and distance, Ratio and proportion, Ages, Profit and loss. Although the paper is verbal, but sometimes these topics come.)

For English section, Do from R.S Aggarwal General English. (Do unit 3,4 complete from this book)

* Error Spotting (Do all the exercises)
* Sentence completion(Do all the exercises)
* Fillers(Do all the exercises)
* Comprehension (1 short and 1 long) (Do some of the exercises so that you can get a hold over comprehension)

Do the comprehension passages at last bcoz they are quite long. Read Wren and Martin for grammer. (Prepositions)
Learn about the company, itstagline, awards, vision, subsidiaries, turnover, projects etc.

For Infosys, we went to Baddi University, HP at 11.15 am, Infosys HR gave a presentation on about their products, offices, growth rate, average revenue, CRR. Try to note the some facts about Infosys because sometimes they ask
about these in HR interview.

Around 1 pm, our test started. First they gave us verbal paper which we had to solve 30 questions in 40 minutes.

* 5 questions on visual reasoning (odd figure out)-these questions were damn easy, no need to practice
* 5 questions on small puzzle involving arithmetic - aarti,banti,chetan and dolly (not Dolly Bindra) are 4 people, Aarti and banti have money equal to chetan and dolly. Aarti has 5 morethe banti. Chetan has half of what dolly have. Total money is 100.

Who has the highest money?
Who has the least money? Etc.

* 5 questions on data sufficiency

* 5 questions on Data interpretation Manufacturer had defective items in a box and cost curves with probability of defective items were given. Logic behind was that "The best alternative was having least cost and maximum
defectives inspection", and the answer was alt2.

* 5 questions on Puzzle-5 persons, their profession, children, fridges were given.
* 5 questions on Syllogisms-No house is a pole, all boys are tall, sohan is a boy, all wheels are racks. (Syllogisms were from R.S Aggarwal, do all the three exercises)

Then we were given the English Paper in which we had to solve 40 questions
in 30 minutes.

* 20 questions on error spotting. (Do from RS aggarwal General English and read Wren and Martin too)
* 10 question on deriving inferences from passages (Do from R.S Aggarwal General English)
* 5 questions on comprehension 1(Easy)
* 5 questions on comprehension 2(Easy)

Around 5.30 pm our HR interview started. My HR was a 55 year old man (seemed to be strict).

I entered the room.He asked my resume.
Q- What you know about ambala?

Q- Explain your name?

Q-Name an electronic item related to ur name?
A-Yashica Camera. I said dat my father had named me because he had a yashica
camera that time.

Q-what was the model number?
A-I said that I was born at that time,how could I know the model number?

Q-What have u learned from school?

Q-Why do u go for Oracle?

Q-tell the relationship between Oracle and Infosys?

Q-Why Infosys should hire u?

Q-What projects u have done?

Q-What problems did u face in completing your project?

Q-Do you want to ask me something?
A-yes, If I get placed in Infosys what should I learn before joining? He said,"Nothing, We will provide you training."

At last he shake handed with me and and I was waiting for the results.
After 2 hours, our results were announced and guys guess what? our college students who all had cleared the written test, they all were selected.

Tears rolled down from eyes of each one of us. Now m waiting for Infosys training at mysore.

See you at Mysore. You too can be an Infoscion by doing hard work and God grace.