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General - Other Adhiyaman College Of Engg, Hosur - 23 June 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Other Adhiyaman College Of Engg, Hosur - 23 June 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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hi friends.....

first of all i would like to thank all d students who posted their experiences here on really helped me a lot. A pool campus was organised by Infosys at Adhiyaman College of Engineering in Hosur on June 23, 2007. I got placed in Infosys solutions for d 2008 batch........

Total number of students appeared: 481
Total number of students who cleared written test: 52
Total number of students finally selected: 32


1) Written Test

(a)     Logical Reasoning

(b)    English (Verbal Ability)


2) HR Interview 

NOTE: Before the test is started u will b asked to fill up a form given by dem. It asks u abt ur personal details like ur addresses(current & permanent), contact numbers, mail ids, nationality etc.

They will also ask u to write the total aggregate marks scored in ur 10th, +2 n all d semesters exams (including 1st sem n 2nd sem unlike other companies).

So b prepared wid all dese details n better carry the attested photocopies of ur 10th, +2 n semester marksheets.




Time duration: 35 mins                  

Number of questions: 30

Marking scheme: +1 for every correct answer (NO NEGATIVE MARKING)

Cut-off: 18 marks (varies)


friends dis test had 6 sections in it, each section having 5 questions......


1-5: dese questions were based on d ranking of d studentu ll b able to solve all d questions if u knw just one basic rule..

for examle: if Ramesh has got 15th rank in d class from d top n his rank is 20th from the last den THE TOTAL NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN D CLASS = 15 + 20 1 = 34

6-10: dese questions were based on figuresU hv to choose d odd figure among d five given ones.(Refer R.S. Agarwal verbal n non verbal section-3 chapter 3 on Classification)

11-15: dese question were based on Data Sufficiency( RS Agarwal is more den enough)

16-20: dese questions were based on Data Interpretation( refer RS Agarwal)

21-25: a Puzzle was given n based on dat 5 questions were asked (a little bit of common sense will do d trick, however if u want to practice again refer the chapter Puzzle Test from RS Agarwal)

26-30: dese  questions were based on Syllogisms(RS Agarwal is enough)



Time duration: 30 mins                  

Number of questions: 40

Marking scheme: +1 for every correct answer (NO NEGATIVE MARKING)

Cut-off: 24 marks (varies)


1-5: based on a comprehension (easy one)

6-10: based on a compreshension ( tougher den previous one)

11-20: 4 similar statements were given and u hav to select d best one among dem (basically u hav to look for errors in tense, prepositions, etc.)

21-25: fill in d blanks type..

u hav to fill d blank wid d most appropriate among the 4 given options

25-30: A sentence will b given wid some part of it as underlined..

u have to replace d underlined phrase wid d best of the 4 given options.

31-40: Avery short passage( 60-100 words) will b given n based on dat one question will b asked

u hav to select d best option from d given 4 options.



Frenz infy interview is one of d easiest to crack if u just know urself, as dere r no technical questions, dey will ask u questions only from ur resume

So just b yourself n b prepared for d questions like tell me abt urself, wat r ur hobbies?, wat u did apart from ur academics in ur college life?