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General - Interview KLCE , Vijayawada - 17 June 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Interview KLCE , Vijayawada - 17 June 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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ON june 16th Infosys came to our college. Ppt started at 10.00 am. We  went to the examination hall at 11.00. But the exam started at 12.30
Aptitude , and verbal A little bit tough paper. We got the examination results at 7.30 pm. total 1700 members were attended to the exam. aroung 300 got selected in written test.

Interview on  17th june.

My turn at 1.15 pm. (interview  takes around 45 mins .)

Only HR interview .

I:  may I come in sir.

HR: yes.come in

I: good after noon sir

HR; goodafternoon plz take ur seat.

I: thank u sir. 

HR : ok. Anusha

HR: select one topic among these 5 and speak for 2mins about it. ( he gave a paper which contains 5 topics)

Keep ur file on the table and make comfort ur self.

I: kept my file and project reports , stamp collection albums.

HR: what all these u bought ?

I: these are my project reports and ,stamp collection album, shall I show u sir.

HR: yes.

I: I explained my projects showing the outputs in the report .

I gave my album to  him. I  pasted all these stamps in the alphabetical order of the countries

HR: what is the old name of malasiya.

I: dont know sir.

Hr: what is the purpose of collecting stamps.

I: I didnt study  those that much deep

HR: what are states in  malasiya.

I: dont know.

( he is searching for the malasiya stamps in my album)

I: im not having malasiya stamps sir.
Hr: ok leave it. Come back to the topic.

I: selected a topic related to women.

Started speaking on that .

My first statement is women are 10 times intelligent than the men.

HR : what is the source.

I: our sir , padmabhushanam garu said that sir, he read in the news paper, this is the scientific servey results. Im sure abt this.

HR: then why u need reservation?

I: I dont want reservation.


HR : how u got this seat in klce.

I : I got good rank . and I dont need reservation.

Some discussion between us among the reservation for grls.

HR : I need reservation for grls. Tell some points that they support me.

I: I gave an example from my personal experience.

HR : whats ur brother is doing

I :twin brother sir, he is doing b-tech 4th yr in AU.

HR: was he attended any campus interview.

I : yes sir, yesterday he attended wipro

HR: what was the result

I : he have HR interview today sir.

HR : he asked me some statics about my classabt grls and boys who are intelligent.

I told

HR : whats ur position in class.

I: top 20

HR: why not in top 10

I: in extra circulars im in top 5 sir,

Hr : what r those?

I :FOCUS , a dept level student organization, im the member of this committee,  And there is a forum for students of IT and CSE of KLCE, named CYBERSTUDS, Im the moderator for this sir,,,,,,,,,,,

HR : ok ok leave it.

HR : shown two plastic pieces, what will u with these

I: pyramid.

HR: then do it.

I: im trying.

HR ; ok leave those. Gave 6 match sticks and  asked me to do  4 equilateral traingels using those sticks.

I:  i did it.

HR : how?

I: sir only pyramid contains 4 equilateral triangles.

HR: then why u failed to do the pyramid with those pieces,

I : these is some logic in that sir, it takes some time.


Last and final question.listen carefully. U have 2 yrs experience in infosys. Beliving all ur efforts and knowledge u have given a project ,as u r a team leader. If u r succedd in this project u have given a 50 million $ project.If u failed in this project u have to resign the job.Today date is 17th june. U have given a project on 17th march, 3 months time is over, today is the last day of  the project. Now the time is 1.30 . with in 45 mins u have to submit the project. U have 3 members in ur team. Ist one did well his part, 2nd one he also did well, 3rd member he made many mistakes in the work.

If u  resigned ur job, he will made as team leader thats why he is not working.

U found all his mistakes at this moment. And u left with 45 mins only.

The mistakes he did , will takes 20 members and 2 days to rectify .

At this moment u r left with . Only one option resigning the job what will u do ?

I : I wont take the situation upto last moment. I dont like to do at eleventh hour,

I will arrange project review for 2 days. If there are any mistakes I will rectify them at that time only. I did 2 projects in my btech, the same thing I did at that time.

HR: if happens?

I : it never happens.

HR : ok leave it

HR: any q?s

I : yes sir. Recently infosys is saying think flat , making the world flat, can u elaborate this one sir.

HR : u dont need all those at this time.

Have u seen the website .

I: yes sir

HR : there is something abt this.havent u read that?

I: I read that. But im not able to understand all that , some marketing terms are there,

Hr : think flat meansthere are no barriers in the world, u can think upto any thing, u can do any thing..

If u found any thing , under that there is some matter abt that, read that one also, Keep reading the magines, like. 

I: ok sir,

HR: thank u anusha.


Im very confident that I performed well in the interview,

We got our results at 11.45 pm ..

They selected 159 students.

By luck one among them.

From june 17th onwards im an infoscion.