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Whole Testpaper Thapar University - 22 August 2007 by Informatica

Details of Whole Testpaper Thapar University - 22 August 2007 by Informatica conducted by Informatica for job interview.
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Hello friends,.......

informatica visted our campus Today ..i.e 22 August 2007...
They had Two sections ..One was objective having 27 questions and the Other was subjective having 15 questions...
The objective was perhaps given to boost up your confidence..coz it ws preety simple..basicaly consisting of objective type question on simple data structres
mostly on complexty of the sorting algorithms..rather on the simple side..e.g

1.Which of the following the dosent have the complexity o(n2)

1.Insertion sort
2 Selection sort
3.Buble sort
4.None of the above

Please note time was more than enough 2 solve this section
Now came the time for action .....this section...B total subjective
There were 3 programs 2 b written in c/c++ two of them were
for swapping two given strings using pointers..both questions same with a slight diffrence
Third question was of dynamically creating a heap...using 2d array..this is not the exact question.
Rest of the 12 questions were all for writting the output of the given c code...not an easy one...
But still be thro wid pointers......
Out 55 ....15 were shortlisted...
& that s not all guys....Then They have 3 round of Technical interviews(REAL TUF 1s) + HR interview
Out of those 15 only 1 was selected...

I was nt evn in 15 students my friends were...