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Prepare 3 - General - Other by inautix

Details of Prepare 3 - General - Other by inautix conducted by inautix for job interview.
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Answers should be indicated by placing a tick mark ( ) in the relevant box.

To change any answer already marked, cancel the previous mark by placing an= symbol. Thereafter, place a fresh tick mark ( ).

All questions have only one right answer. If more than one answer is indicated, the question will not be evaluated.

Use of Calculators; log tables etc. is not permitted

The duration of this test is strictly 60 minutes. In case you continue to answer beyond 60 minutes, your sheet will not be evaluated.

Any attempt to impersonate will be viewed seriously.


Directions : For each question in this section, select the best of the choices given

main( )
int i = 1;
if(!i )
printf(Recursive calls are real pain!);
i = 0;
printf(Recursive calls are challenging\n);
main( );
a) Recursive calls are challenging b) Recursive calls are challenging c) Error d ) None

int i = 0;
main( )
printf(in main i =%d\n, i);
i ++;
val( );
printf(in main i =%d\n, i);
val( )
int i = 100;
printf(in val i = %d\n, i);
i ++;
a) 101 1 b) Error message c)1 100 d) None

#define NO
#define YES
main( )
int i = 5, j;
if( i > 5)
j = YES;
j = NO;
printf(%d, j);

a) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes b) Error Message c) None d ) No No No

#define AND &&
#define OR ||
#define LE =
main( )
char ch = D;
if((ch GE 65 AND ch LE 90) OR (ch GE 97 AND ch LE 122))
printf(Not an alphabet);
a) No Alphabet b) Alphabet c) error d)None

main( )
int n[25];
n[0] = 100;
n[24] = 200;
printf(%d %d, *n, *(n + 24) + *(n + 0));
a) 200 100 b) 100 300 c) 100 200 d) None

main( )
int arr[ ] = { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4};|
int i, *ptr;
for(ptr = arr + 4; ptr = arr; ptr--)
printf(%d, *ptr);
a) 0 1 2 3 4 b) 4 3 2 1 0 c) 1 2 3 4 0 d)None

main( )
static char str[ ] = { 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48};
char *s;
int i;
s = str;
for(i = 0; i previous = NULL;
p->next = q;
q->previous = p;
q->next = NULL;
printf(%d\n, p->data);
p =p->next;
a) 90 b) 75 c) 90 d) None
75 90 90

main( )
struct a
int i;
int j;
struct b
char x;
char y[3];
union c
struct a aa;
struct b bb;
union c u;
u.aa.i = 512;
u.aa.j = 512;
a)2020 b) 0022 c) 0202 d) None

main( )
int a = 3, b = 2, c =1, d;
d = a| b & c;
printf(d = %d\n, d);
d = a| b & ~ c;
printf(d =%d\n, d);
a) d = 2 b) d = 3 c) d = 1 d) None
d = 2 d = 3 d = 1

main( )
static char a[]=Bombay;
char *b=Bombay;
printf(%d %d,sizeof(a),sizeof(b));
a. 1 6 b. 1 1 c. 6 6 d. None

main( )
int i=3;
a. 3 b. 4 c. undefined d. Error

What error would the following function give on compilation.
f (int a,int b)
int a
return a;
a. Missing parantheses in return statement.
b. The function should be defined as int f(int a,int b)
c. Redeclaration of a.
d. None of the above.

main( )
int b;
int f(int a)
a>20?return (10):return (20);
a. 20 b. 10 c. No output d. Error

#define sqr(x) (x*x)
main( )
int a,b=3;
a. 25 b. 11 c. Error d. Garbage value

#define str(x) #x
#define Xstr(x) str(x)
#define oper multiply
main( )
char *opername=Xstr(oper);
a. oper b. multiply c. Error d. None

main( )
a. S b. m c. \0 d. Error

main( )
int a[ ]={10,20,30,40,50};
char *p;
p=(char *)a;
printf(%d,*((int *)p+4));
a. 50 b. 10 c. Error d. None

main( )
a. a b. e c. Error d. None

main( )
printf(%d %d %d,sizeof(3),sizeof(3),sizeof(3));
a. 1 1 1 b. 2 2 2 c. 1 2 2 d. 1 1 1
Note: Assume size of int is 2 bytes.

main( )
struct emp{
char n[20];
int age;}
struct emp e1={david,23};
struct emp e2=e1;
if(e1= = e2) printf(structures are equal);
a. structures are equal
b. No output
c. Error
d. None

main( )
char a[ ];
a[0] = A;
printf(%c, a[0]);
a) Compilaltion Error
b) No output
c) A
d) None

Section B

For each question in this section, select the best of the answer choices given

What is the name of the programming technique, which emphasizes breaking large and complex tasks into successively smaller sections?
a. Scrambling
b. Structured Programming
c. Micro Programming
d. Sub Programming

Data integrity refers to
a. Privacy of data
b. The simplicity of data
c. The validity of data
d. The security of data

Which data communication method is used for sending data in both directions at the same time?
a. Super duplex
b. Simplex
c. Half duplex
d. Full duplex

What is the usual number of bits transmitted simultaneously in parallel data transmission used by microcomputers?
a. 6
b. 9
c. 8
d. 7

The transfer of data from a CPU to peripheral devices of a computer is achieved through
a. Modems
b. Computer ports
c. Interface
d. Buffer memory

The channel in the data communication model can be
a. Postal mail services
b. Telephone lines
c. Radio signals
d. all the above

The systematic access of small computers in a distributed data processing system is referred to as
a. dialed service
b. multiplexing
c. polling
d. conversational mode

A characteristic of a multi programming system is
a Simultaneous execution of Program instructions from two applications
b. Concurrent processing of two or more programs
c. Multiple CPUs\
d. All the above

In the IBM PC - AT, What do the words AT stand for
a. Additional Terminal
b. Advance Technologies
c. Applied Technologies
d. Advanced terminology

Different components on the motherboard of a PC processor unit are linked together by sets of parallel electrical conducting lines. What are these lines called?
a. Conductors
b. Buses
c. Connectors
d. Connectivity

Execution of instructions from different and independent programs by a computer at the same instant time is called
a. Multiprogramming
b. Multiprocessing
c. Concurrent Programming
d. Multitasking

Which of the following terms is the most closely related to main memory?
a. non-volatile
b. permanent
c. Control unit
d. Temporary

Which of the following are true?
a. Fields are composed of bytes
b. Fields are composed of characters
c. Records are composed of fields
d. All the above

Which of the following hardware component is most volatile?
a. ROM
b. RAM

Which of the following affects the processing power?
a. Data bus capacity
b. Addressing scheme
c. Register size
d. All the above

Section C

The following set of Questions is based on a brief premise and a set of rules. For each question, select the be
answer from the five choices.

A particular seafood restaurant serves dinner Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant is closed on Monday. 5 entrees Egg, Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Lamb are served each week according to the following restrictions.

Chicken is served on 3 days each week, but never on a Friday

Mutton is served on 1 day each week

Fish is served on 3 days each week but never on consecutive days

Chicken and Egg are both served on Saturday and Sunday

Lamb is served 5 days each week

No more than 3 different entrees are served on any given day

41. On which of the following pairs of days could the restaurants menu of entrees be identical?
a. Friday and Sunday
b. Tuesday and Wednesday
c. Saturday and Sunday
d. Wednesday and Friday
e. Thursday and Friday

Which of the following is a complete and accurate list of the days on which Chicken and Mutton may be served?
a. Tuesday, Thursday
b. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
c. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
d. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
e. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

If Fish is served on Saturday, it could be true that
a. Egg and Fish are both served on Sunday
b. Egg and Chicken are both served on Tuesday
c. Mutton and Chicken are both served on Thursday
d. Lamb and Egg are both served on Saturday
e. Mutton and Egg are both served on Friday

Which of the following statements provide sufficient information to determine on which 3 days Chicken is served?
a. Fish and Mutton are served on same day
b. Mutton and Egg are both served on Tuesday
c. Lamb is served on Saturday and Mutton is served on Tuesday
d. Fish is served on Saturday and Egg is served on all but one of the six days
e. Lamb is served on Sunday and Egg is served on Tuesday and Thursday