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ICICI PO-Drive On 23 Jan 2010 In Hyderabad by ICICI PO DRIVE

Details of ICICI PO-Drive On 23 Jan 2010 In Hyderabad by ICICI PO DRIVE conducted by ICICI PO DRIVE for job interview.
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Hi,this is sudha,i had attended to the ICICI PO-Drive on 23 jan 2010 in hyd.Its an online test,which is for 44 mins duration,which was specified as 1 hr. in the admit card.

The paper consists of 5 sections.All are multiple choice questions.Each section has a specified time limit in which we have to complete the section.The sections are :

1.Reading comprehension:
In this comprehension passages have been given and we have to answer the relevant questions.It consists of 5 small passages,each passage is followed by 2 questions which has 4 answers in which we have to select the correct one.The time limit 4 this section is 9 mins.

2.Sentence completion:
In this section sentences with blanks are given which we have to choose the correct word to fill in the blank.There are 20 questions and time limit is 7 mins.

It consists of arithmetic problems very simple but the time plays the major role.There r 20 questions to be completed in 18 mins.
Eg: 1.If Ravi does a work in 4 hrs,and ram does the same work in 6 hrs,what time would it take if both of them work together?

2.if 2/3rd of 3/5th of a number is equal to 13.99,what is the number?

3.if 50 lt. of mixture of milk and water has 10% of water in it.what is the quantity of milk in this mixture?

4.if 4/5th part of a number is 25 more than the 75% of that number.what is the number?

4. Diagrammatic:
This section has figures in which we should find the sequence or the next figure to be there..There r 15 questions and the time limit is 6 mins.

Eg: refer rs agarval verbal and non verbal reasoning.

At last this section analogies which we have pair has 15 questions which we have to answer in 4 mins...

Eg: 1.paper:book::leaf:?(plant)