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W.C.E. ,Sangli ,1 April 2007 by IBM

Details of W.C.E. ,Sangli ,1 April 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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1) Written Apti Test

2) Technical Interview cum HR Interview

1. Written Apti Test (Meritrac): 55 questions to be answered within one Hour & an essay to be written within 15 mins.(essay topic is given at last 5 minutes.ours was engineers should not accept jobs outside the country.(Write in legible, good, No!!! in best handwriting as it is seen at the time of interview. They may ask u questions on that also as I mentioned @ Swadesh movie I was asked @ that.))

Section 1:English aptitude

I had seen the boy throwing stones ..the old lady. (use towards/on/to/at)
Synonyms lady was so seluete ,so everyone was praising her . ans : flexible
Use a an the example was easy.
Use a an the example was easy.
Preposition again. Easy

Then the long passage and on that 5 qs. leave it .Do at last as u will have much amount of time.

Section 2: Quantitative aptitude(go with examples like bouquet of 200 roses 5 red 2 yellow ,5 red &green like that plz as 5 qs on that I was unable to ans them.)

Section 3: Analytical ability

Is given statement answerable by a:1 b:1,2 c:by both and d: by neither.choose correct option among a,b,c,d. Like plz do as u can win ur match here 5 qs on that.

Easy and must solve first like *replaced by +,/ by *,+ by * and by / so evaluate 28/4*2/1-3+5

Section 4: Computer section

qs from Unix(some commands given what will be the output?) & for technical DBMS(tables given & ans regarding keys ),what is Normalization? ,sorting complexities worst case which will perform best? Etc.

For quantitative aptitude & analytical ability I will suggest to solve RS AGGARWAL (both) specially Venn dia, mathematical operations, puzzle test, data sufficiency, binary conversion, direction test(south north east do sense : In south turn towards right is towards east do it cool ly. ),time distance speed, profit loss, percentage problems.

Age problem like veena younger than 3 years seema who is 4 ys lder than reshma.finally who is older amongst all like 3 qs?

Sorry guys I cant provide u the details of written paper as I was then busy in solving them. But truly speaking it was easiest test I had given ever.Ya Believe me I am also avg case student like u all as my overall % up to 5th sem are 65.36.Ya now u can believe me.

Initially on the ans sheet of essay they have mentioned that they are going to conduct GD of short listed candidates but at last they havent , But remember guys they have just started the GD tradition in on campus interview processes.

2) Technical Interview cum Personal Interview

I would like to express my interview experience as I think it maybe useful to them who have the same dream to be an IBMer just I had.

I:may I come in sir? He:no (amazed !!!!) then come in yaar.(so friendly)

He:have a seat plz .tell me @ u and then @ project.(answered well like the river. Plz in project explanation draw some figures tables for the sake of his understanding he is just checking ur communication. Skills. (If u r convent student plz drop this instruction)
(I am now going to provide u best of all idea to improve the English. first buy CHAOS dictionary of Marathi to English I m not selling or advertising anything(for the sake of my security) just mentioning the thing which I had done so now take the Marathi news paper or any book u like most and daily u have to translate the 10 lines of Marathi to English. Dont think about the tenses. Just go on improving ur vocabulary. My experience tells that within 5 days u will have confidence in doing all things .Hoping that u will do it sincerely.) )

Then a complicated pgm given to solve i tried it ,dont give up so early at least try something who knows ur luck supports u at that time and u will be able to solve it.

Asked @ family.

Why should IBM hire u?

Ans: Because of my abilities like creativeness and innovativeness, learnabilty, flexiblity,.xplain with eg.

How many files created after successful execution of pgm?

Good!!!!! Strengths ?

Like river I answered (he got impressed)

Ibm: why we use main? Why not multiple mains? If main is not declared what will happen?
Me: compiler will raise an error message.
Ibm: what kind of error message?
Me: I dont know exactly but I think it will say main function not defined/found.

Then he open up with real weapons and given me 10 problems list to solve within time limit of 5 minutes. Was easy but tricky I solved luckily just to give o/p of pgm (test ur c skills helped here).

IBM: Favorite sub?

I: All. (Impressed but plz give such ans if u r perfect .I was, as I have prepared IBM as my dream company.)

He asked me no. of qs on networking, o.s. Dbms(novice level ),c,c++,java , vc++ all things explained by me so impressed. Uptil now spent 25 min

Then turned towards personal interview asked all general qs @ relocation, preferred place,etc.

Then I asked his good name. He: Mr. Pravin .

He wished me to meet again. Given clue of selection.

So plz be prepare for the test and interview and to be a part of worlds no-2 brand and s/w no 1 branded company.i m always with u. see u all in IBM .