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Madurai Kamaraj University ,22 December 2009 by IBM

Details of Madurai Kamaraj University ,22 December 2009 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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IBM India Pvt. Limited. visited our campus on 22nd Dec 2009 where only MCA students were eligible. Unlike other years there were three sections:
1: Data Matrix Questions (no negative marking) : 15 questions in 12 minutes
2: Number Series (1/4th negative) : 20 questions in 4 minutes
3: Arithmetic Questions (1/4 negative) : 12 questions 15 minutes
I have not remembered the exact question but i can give you the sample type that will certainly help you.

Col 1 Col 2 Col3 Col4

Row 1 @ % $ #

Row 2 % + # &

Row 3 @ & % #

Row 4 * + $ &

Interchange Row3 with col3 , Row1 with Row4 and reverse the diagonal elements from top left to bottom right:
Quest; which is the 4th element of row2;
Quest; which is the second diagonal element from top;
NOTE : Change in the matrix is applied only for the particular questions only , it is not reflected in to another question.
Series questions are very very simple. You must manage your time in such a way that you can go across all the questions in 4 minutes.
1: 11,22,23,11,24,25, ?
2: 1,4,9.64, ?
3: 2,3,5,7, ? (prime numbers)
and so on....
It has been observed that no one can solve more that 6 questions in the given time. So don,t waste your time and solve at least 2 to 3 questions correctly. and don,t be disappointed because you may be the top scorer if you have done well in other sections. This section questions are lengthy and requires long calculation.

According to the global assessment it has been found that no one can solve all the questions within the stipulated time.The best way to get through the written is perform well in first 2 sections. I think there is no sectional cut off because even i had solved only 5 questions in which one may be wrong.
After the Written Test , There is a GD round in which they mainly concentrate on your communication skills. Our GD was around 15 minutes and we were in the group of 11 members. My GD topic was "MONEY MAKES PEOPLE

Once the GD round is over you have to go through the TECHNICAL AND HR ROUND which is combined. This round is simple, you must be good in your basics and your "area of interest" subject. I was asked about my academics background, and few basic questions from DBMS, my project. My interview went around 25 min. but my interviewer was very friendly and i didn,t even realize that 25 minutes.
t is my personnel advice to concentrate more on your series and data matrix questions . One you are qualified in the first round then 70% of your work in done. Rest depends on your GD and your luck that you can,t change it. isn,t it?
Hope to see you in IBM.