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GBS Bangalore 4 Septtember 2012 by IBM

Details of GBS Bangalore 4 Septtember 2012 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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1st Round: Online Aptitude Test
->Data matrices: The problems looked very simple initially. But as u solve u realize that it requires a lot more time than whats given to solve. this section can be attempted blindly as there is no negative marking.

->Number Series: 20 questions with a timer of 2 mins for each question. The questions were not the regular number series which we find in most of the websites. Some were tricky and some were relatively easier. But overall the difficulty level was Good.

->Quantitative:Again 20 questions and 15 mins for each question. This part was average. It had quite tough types of ques which included two or more concepts.

The main problem was because of the time constraint associated with each question. even though you would be able to solve them but before you mark your answer the timer expires. So you have to be very quick.

2nd Round: Written Communication Test

->A long passage was given and within 15 mins you have to pick out 6 sentences from the passage and write an email to a client. Be accurate. Write only that many lines that fits in the place. The salutations have to be correct and proper information should be conveyed using only those 6 sentences.
It was simple.

3rd round:Group discussion

->Each group consisted of 10 -11 members. The topic of discussion was: "Is Anna Hazare Movement sufficient for removing corruption from our country". the topic given for me was "should flexibility be provided to women at work". Be clear in your views.Either go FOR the topic or AGAINST it. "Don,t be neutral". Take one particular side. Otherwise you can be rejected. You have to speak for 2 mins at least about your opinion. Its good not to get into a fight with your members and have a healthy discussion.

4th round:Technical and HR interview together.

->This round was the simplest because they ask very simple question from your resume and are very friendly people. Be thorough with watever u write in your resume. IBM team is the most friendly recruiting team according to me. But sometimes they can confuse your thoughts a bit. But don,t worry , because that doesn,t mean that you will not be selected.
Study well the topics written in you resume and also simple C programs,the basic ones.