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GBS ABES Ghaziabad Feb 5 February 2012 by IBM

Details of GBS ABES Ghaziabad Feb 5 February 2012 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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It was a referral off campus. The drive started with checking all d documents which we were intimated to carry along with the hall ticket.

the eligibility criteria was 65%in 10th n 12th n 70% in B tech.
Although i was already placed in another company ...getting into IBM was a dream come true. and very much like u ll ..weeks b4 ..i was scanning previous years papers.
Believe me friends ...don,t get impatient if u do not get selected in some company..its just bcoz dt was nt ur day ..u ll surely be wen it will b ur day...:))

well coming to the written...
we had a 15 mint eng langg test..we were given a paragraph..reading that we had to summarize the scenario to a client in just six sentences.

then there was aptitude test...
the test comprised of 3 sets..
1)data matrices..13 mints 15 questions.
2)number series..4 mints 10 questions..
3) mathematical reasoning .. 12 mints 10 questions..

we were made to wait for 3 hrs...

then there was gd.. groups of 8 were made n the gd started immediately..,
in my group the topic was ,solar energy or atomic energy is going to be the future energy..dont gd..just try to get n opportunity to speak ..we all first introduced ourselves...then every1 was given a chance to pseak on the topic..den d forum was open all discussed..n finally every1 gave the by one...

except 1 student rest all cleared....dont hesitate..dont panic..just speak without fumbling and making grammatical mistakes..expressing logical n relevant ideas...
next we waited for name was called..

hr n tech interview..
hr questions were like..introduce urself..some situation based questions... puzzles...
tech..dbms queries..basic c prog...project description...ur role in projec..
and finally ready to relocate..dts it..

we were made to sit..n finally hr came n announced our names..n gave us d eaf form..dt was d happiest moment for me...n we were told that very shortly we will have to join...BY gods grace i can call myself an IBMer.. :))