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General - Other UVCE, Bangalore - 15 April 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Other UVCE, Bangalore - 15 April 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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hi friends i m bharath here .....i m doing 6th sem mechanical engg in UVCE  ....i m happy to say that i placed  in IBM  .....paper was too easy friends ....test conducted by MERIT TRACK .....  

55 questions it consists of 4 parts ...... 

SECTION1(10 que)   too easy      5 articles and then 1 easy passage  5 questions from tat  ....... 
SECTION 2(25 que)   (QUANTITATIVE) ....

1 to 5 questions on venn diagram
5  to 10 on decesion making 
11 to 15 data sufficiency 
16 to 19 mathematical operation 
19 to 25 simple apti friends u can do it easily   

1 TO 5 on binary conversion like $=1,*=0 ,                 

whats the value of 1)566        
5) $*$ - *$$ 
just divide by 2 u can get the ans 

friends refer quick mathematics by TYRA  for binary que
6 to 10 one puzzle on that 5 questions 

que from C,C++,DATA STRUCTURES.....

friends my suggestion is to manage time do fast cut off will be 35 and above as i think for written verbal and non verbal reasoning book helped me lot friends
then 15 min essay writing 
then GD friends just they will check ur interaction and way u talk 

friends 3 HR persons interviewed me really its challenging moment to face them .....just i told everything positively with confidence ........i was smiling bit 
first they asked me que from C i answered  some que... later they went deeply to ask
C   then i told sir i m from  MECH ENGG i know only basics then he stopped C que        
then they start asking HR questions really its challange to face those que ........always they tried to take me into -VE  side 
but i ans every que in a +VE way and i impressed all ...............
they felt happy with my ans  friends 

thats all 25 min they interviewed me 
friends always be confident well ....this is the 3rd company to my clg first 2 companies(CTS and WIPRO)  I rejected from HR friends dont loose hope think positively thats it u can do ............god will place u in good company 
really i m happy to say that now i m the member of worlds largest IT company  now i m IBMmate