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General - Other C.R.R College,Eluru - 26 May 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Other C.R.R College,Eluru - 26 May 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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I got selected for IBM on 26th May. The selection procedure lasted for two days. On the first day the written test and the group discussion took place. And on the second day it was time for the technical and the HR rounds to take place.

Well the written test was simple but the cutoff compensated it. There are 55 questions in the paper.10 from  verbal,10 from technical and the remaining 35 from aptitude. The verbal paper was very simple. It just included the articles and prepositions. There is also a passage given related to a general topic. Every thing is easy in it and its quite good to score in it. Later is the quant paper. It has covered almost all the topics from right from the boats and streams to probability. It also included non-verbal reasoning. it is also easy. But the most important point that you need to look upon is time factor. The technical paper is easy even.

There i no need to panic upon anything here. You need to manage your time very carefully.

The group discussion is easy as well. Tee topic given was "DOES CCRICKET OVERSHADOW OTHER GAMES OR NOT?"That is quite an interesting topic to discuss upon. Every thing went on very well and the eliminations are very less in this particular round. The next day in th technical interview we were tested skills related to C and DataStructures.As Im a non It student i was not asked very much on it.I was asked questions related to my subjects.

In the HR interview they tried to jot down the interpersonal skills in you.Wat all that they tested in it were our confidence, stress handling capability and language fluency.