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General - Other Bengal Engg & Science University, Shibpur - 6 August 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Other Bengal Engg & Science University, Shibpur - 6 August 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Hi , IBM GBS came to our college on 6th august.
The selection procedure has 4 rounds--

1. Aptitude test
it had 3 sections.............
first section was on matrices. 15 qs with time 12 mins( no negative marks). it had 3 5x5 matrices. then there were 5 qs from each matrix...............all qs were of reasoning type, somethink like if rows 2 & 4 are interchanged, what is the 3rd element in 3rd column. Then, start at a particular element say upper right corner, follow certain directions and say the element u arrive at............replacing one symbol with other and qs related to that..............easy enough............just have to be fast in cracking those sums...........

second section was related to number series. 20 qs with 4 mins time(1/4th negative marks). Series were easy enough, but u have to be really quick. some sequence of numbers will be given, u have to identify next one in series

third section was arithmetic,12 qs with 15 mins time(1/4 negative marks). problems were from time&work, interest, time,dist&speed.somewhat easy, though u have to do calculations really quickly

2. Essay writing
u will be given 15 mins to write an essay. our topic was "politicians should be honest". They just want to see whether u have the capability to clearly write ur thoughts. Wont be a major hurdle as essay writing will be evaluated, if at all, during interview.

out of 120 odd students, 52 cleared aptitude test

3 GD
we were divided into groups of 10 and then there was a gd. topic was "love marriage is better than arrange marriage"
they will give 10 mins for open house, then 30 secs at the end 4 each one to express his views. It is a selection rather than rejection round. So, if u speak up in gd, u will almost be through to next round.

43 cleared this round

4 Interview
hr and technical will happen simultaneously. it lasts 4 abt 30 mins per person. not very difficult though. Just remember to be confident and keep a smile on ur face. They will be friendly. at last, 32 cleared