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BITS College Of Eng, Warangal ,2 June 2007 by IBM

Details of BITS College Of Eng, Warangal ,2 June 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Written test
2.Essay writing

WRITTEN TEST: It consists of 55 quest n time given is 60 min. its very very easy
(1)verbal(10q) -> simple fill in blanks with prep,articles(5q), passage(5q). passage is tough.
(2)technical(10q)-> on c(3q),java,unix windows.
(3)aptitude(15q)->its not from rs agarwal its just general type on prob,permutationse,analytical reasoning .
4)attention 2 ability
this section consist quest like any person shuld have all these qualities
1) he suld be 6 ft hieght
2)he shuld be 50 kg wieght
3) he shuld pass aptitude]
4) he suld be physically fit
-if a person satisfies all the above except 1) then he is selected as trainee
- if a person satisfies all the above except 4) then he suld go 4r test
etc i dont remember conditions exactly based on these conditions arround 5 quest were asked then..
a)123489 b)123589 c)123489
like these some nums are give n we have 2 find which r alike n which r different arround 4 quest of this type

(5)reasoning : it is also very easy .quest r on blood rels,data sufficiency,picture series,odd man,seating arrangment etc FRNS ITS VERY EASY 2 CRACK BUT TIME MANAGEMNT IS VERY IMP. Believe me pattern is very easy.

2.essay writing :is very easy it shuld not excede 200 words topic is " EXERCISE IS GUD FOR HEALTH". time given is 15 min. its immediately after written test.

3.Results were anounced at 3:00 pm n im very happy 2 be one of.. then we were asked 2 attend GD immediately n the topic given us is " ENGINEERS SHULD NOT GO ABROAD FOR JOB". Frns be careful in gd its not general its like JAMS ie they give us 3 min time n we have express our views. the results of gd were announced at 6.30pm they have shown us company profile etc. we were asked 2 attend 4r other 2 rounds next day.

4.I felt tech was very tough coz as i was frm computers back ground the quest were asked 2 me in electronics , economicsetc. not even a single quest frm computers was asked. also some general quest like " how will u introduce a computer 2 a farmer"," how will u measure the part of water filled in a bottle"

5.if were selected in tech round they say us directly 2 attend hr round else they r saying 2 leave the campus.Thank god i was selected in tech . plz go thru company profile before hr he may ask us quest like
"why only IBM" ," tell me abt company"?
hr is very easy it s completely based on resumate prepare an ex of each of ur strengths etc also they give some situations 2 us, give +ve answers . in IBM please stress on team work, innovation, leadership qualities mainly.