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Whole Testpaper Chitkara College Of Engineering,Chandigarh - 4 October 2007 by I-Gate

Details of Whole Testpaper Chitkara College Of Engineering,Chandigarh - 4 October 2007 by I-Gate conducted by I-Gate for job interview.
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Hey Friends This is Nakul here..i,m frm Manav Rachna College of Engineering,Faridabad..recently there ws a joint campus drive at Chikara College,Chandigarh..I-Gate hd come for campus placements..numerous colleges were invited...lemme assure you they cleard 178 students in apti..90 odd in Tech and 60 (i think) in HR....GD WS dont lose hope.

Here goes:



well we had 15 qstns to b completed within 30 mins..sounds scary bt TOTALLY NOT..js keep ur cool..remember the basic formulaes and try to attempt ATEAST 8-9 correctly..purely reasoning..

qstns included

1) numbr encrytion

2) Speed distance time

3) probability

4) work men

5) profit loss

6) ratio proportion

7) percentage(tricky)

8) simple interest


remember..8-9 correct!!!!



awrite..GD ws cancelled so it ws only Tech and ws diffrnt fo every1..some were askd jus basics. my technical included qstns on RDBMS, summer training project plus some basic HR qstns..i ws asked to wait outside and thn one person came and escorted me to a new room..i hd clrd the tech.



This ws HR..majority of candidates were askd jus basic qstns like describe urself,hobbies!!bt in my case there were puzzles,abt the company,awareness qstns(3 uses of pen othr thn writing!!!duh!!)plus the basic HR qstns..and finally next aftrnun results wre declared and I WS SELECTED..


Bt lemme assure u getting into an IT company isnt difficult at all..jus believe in urself and plz plz dont miss ny opportunity..