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IGate Placement Paper BIT RANCHI 7 January 2010 by I-Gate

Details of IGate Placement Paper BIT RANCHI 7 January 2010 by I-Gate conducted by I-Gate for job interview.
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hi friends,
first of all i would like to say that placement is all about "right attitude". So please try to be positive because others win not because they know much or they practice much its just because of "right attitude".
iGATE visited our campus on 7th Jan 2010. Its ppt was very impressive.
The written test consisted of a 1 hour paper comprising of 2 sections: 1.)English(20 questions) and 2.) Aptitude (30 question
English part was very easy so attempt at last,i did it in 15 minutes.
simple comprehension n questions based on it,read questions first then go for the answers in comprehension.
simple use of articles, analogy, sentence correction.
Aptitude section had a good mix of maths (11 questions), and rest reasoning questions.
For maths part prepare from R.S Aggarwal->time n work,time n dist, Simple interest,compound interest,ratio n proportion,profit n loss(only basic questions are asked)
Reasoning part consisted of concentration question(2),diagram combination questions(2),syllogism,puzzles, etc
Just be confident.
200 people appeared for the written test out of which 78 cleared the written test,n then these 78 were subject to 3 interviews: 2 technical and 1 HR. Finally 35 were selected to be iGators n by God,s grace i was one of them.
1st Technical Interview:1.) as i had mentioned 2 projects in my cv so i was told to write 7-8 sql querries.2.) 2 puzzles were given to solve(just be cool and try to show the approach u wud use in problem solving),i solved them.
2nd Technical interview:1.)the interviewer gave me 2 questions to solve from math,s section of written test. 2.)asked me to write the code fro insertion in between in a link list. 3.)asked about heap sort. 4.)stack n queue