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CDAC Noida ,19 December 2006 by Honeywell

Details of CDAC Noida ,19 December 2006 by Honeywell conducted by Honeywell for job interview.
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Hello friends.

I am .... and I just share my views with regard to Honeywell

I am presently doing CDAC embedded system course from mohali joint placement with cdac noida

Honeywell visited there on 19th...CDAC noida

Total strength: near abt 200 people of different course

Cleared the written: 45

Take the interview: 22

Select: 4

There are two set of paper EC and CS

EC people can even take CS set

CS syllabus is very easy please refer other paper on net our paper was same to same like net so please solve all questions

First attend technical paper than C then appti

Appti and C are very easy

They just check ur technical ability.. Please be full prepare with ur complete resume and each and every topic written in ur resume

My interview was very long and take 2 hour in two part.. in first part they just check my approach and in second part they ask me technical questions

Please be prepare with OS,DS,C,C++, ur project and other ur skills that u write in ur resume

HR is just for formality.