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Whole Testpaper SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram - 27 February 2007 by Hexaware

Details of Whole Testpaper SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram - 27 February 2007 by Hexaware conducted by Hexaware for job interview.
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Hi Friends,

HEXAWARE TECH.s On-Campus interview for pre-final years at SCSVMV University on 27th Feb 07.

1) Written Test - 100 questions - 100 marks - 1 Hour
2) Group Discussion.
3) Technical Interview.
4) HR Interview
. (TECH + HR in my case...)

Exam duration: 1 Hour.
Total Questions: 100
Total Marks: 100
Each question carries 1 mark no negative marking
Speculated CUT-OFF range- 35 and above
Written test results were announced within 45 minutes.
GD results were announced within 2 minutes.

Synonyms n antonyms- 10 questions.
Find the misspelled words - 5 questions.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words - 5 questions.
Quantitative Aptitude - 40 Questions.
Technical section- 40 Questions (Separate questions in this section for IT (CSE and IT) and Non-IT (EEE, ECE) guys).
Go through any dumb quantitative aptitude text book like R.S. AGGARWAL but some questions require thinking of a different kind

The strategy should be some thing like this
If youre comfortable with Q.A section go for it right away.. Theres no point in loosing opportunity to gain marks to sitters out there waiting for your mercy!!. .. And if you didnt pump in the usual amount of preparation for the exam... Go for the technical section.remember ECE and EEE dudes have the same question paper!

Majority of the questions that I came across were related to Control Systems Digital electronics Electrical Machines go through all the damn basics from these topics

Easily you can answer 40 - 50 questions within 30 minutes THIS IS A FIGURE INDICATIVE OF THE ANSWERS THAT ARE DEEMED CORRECT BY THY LORD and dont leave your answer sheet blank as far as there is no negative marking you can always fill up those empty answer bubbles

GD Topics:
1. Should parents n teachers be instructive towards their wards post adolescence?... in simple terms Should parents prove themselves a pesky lot for their children.. Even after they reach 18 years?

2. Arranged Marriages Vs Love Marriages... (Never... ever think about saying somethin like.. Loving your mate after getting married and stuff like that!!)

3. What should India do to win a gold medal in the Olympics?.

The GD topics are really intuitive and entirely based upon the mentor standing over. He gives you one minute flat to decide a topic of your choice among yourselves... And if you dont end up with something... He might go for very general topics like the ones above
Preparation for GD should be something like this

Take up the recent editions of FRONTLINE I recommend no other magazine than thisIf you can afford it subscribe it... Get the facts over hot n Boiling issues the world over such as Murder trail of saddam hussain Russian oil prices issue Israel- Palestine Conflict Indo- Pak scenario through the decades Is china a tough competitor to India over the IT Highway?... Brain Drain and Brain Train Why the hell is America playin with the lives of oil soaked countries and Bombay Serial bombings Godhra incident. Anything read the editorial section of The Hindu daily youll have real time inferences at your hand.

Overview of GD:
My GD topic is Should parents n teachers be instructive towards their wards post adolescence??
My Batch consisted of 13 members. The initiation was damned to hell you get it right and flowing.. Youve done your job 50%. Ma GD section was like this (1 min-choose the topic, 2min-prepare the topic, 20min-shout like hell)So.. Here r my rules

Nobody gives you a chance to speak up.. Its your right to get noticed. . Dont wait for your chance - Grab it, carry a loudspeaker if possible.

Have a firm but relaxed sitting posture... Lean slightly forward dont play with a pen or pencil youll be noticed from head to toe remember!

Never ever make unruly gestures. You are out immediately!!

Remember QUALITY > QUANTITY in GDs. Speak up in a very firm tone the authority in your voice should command that youre a leader from hell!

If the situation degrades to a shouting match... Shout at the top of your voice otherwise you may not be noticed by others.

Get ready to summarize. 2 or 3 chosen people will summarize the whole discussion. Try to say all the points and speak out the appropriate conclusion.

So even if you talk less...but can manage somehow to put forward six to seven QUALITY (Dont you talk crap... mike!) points into the discussion.. Youre in. Mail me if you didnt make it... Im your last hope!!

I delivered all these at the right instance and... Im one of the lucky 4 guys outta my batch heading for the HR.

Right after the GD, we had a one hour break after which we had an excruciating spell waiting for our turn to come up. I geared up myself, imagining all the possible situation that I could possibly fall into.. I had this nausea coming up from the bottom, as people were coming out of the interview halls either with delighted or.. Sloppy faces.

My turn now..
HR: You have good grades at your +2 and UnderGrad..Tell me about yourself giridhar
Me:Blah blah blah... for five good minutes
I had intermittent questions as i was blurting ma answer out... cant remember each too well.
Gyan:Never initiate this answer with something like. Ive had my schooling at this that college... undergrad at this college.. ma marks are... stop yelling out the crap thats already with him in your CV and.. tell him who you are... how is your environment... your ethical and moral values.. how you achieve our goals... this deadly  question needs at least a days preparation... get it right and gear up for the next question

HR: What are your negatives giridhar?
Gyan:This question reflects your attitude towards yourself. I think the negative aspect of yours should not be a cost to the company( your negative should be a positive one to the company). Be very careful in answering this question. perfectionism might be a good example... you are a perfectionist.. but it makes you feel kinda restless...but it is an assent to your company.

HR: What do you know about this company
Gyan:This question is mainly asked to test about your ability to do homework. (not the homework we do in our schools). It is knowing beforehand about the company . You gotta studyout some intricate and important details such as the companys stock value... its expertise in parallels.. company locations..etc.,You dont need to know in and out about the company but still, the more you know, the better are your chances. Go through the company website completely and run a search in google.

HR:Tell me about your mini-project.
Gyan: This is used to test your ability of selling. That is, your ability to explain something. Be sure footed about your project. The technical questions may sometimes start from this question. They kicked them off with this question

HR: What are our favourite subjects?
ME: Electrical Machines and Power Electronics.
He then started off with questions , very basic ones initially and then digged deep into the subject .Questions i remember
What kinda motors are used in trains and trams
Ans: Series and compound motors

Draw the phasor diagrams of all the electrical machines you know
Ans: Confessed that i remember none... could draw diags of R, L and C combination circuits.  Got myself bombarded with questions from power electronics (My Mini Project)

HR: What languages are you comfortable with??...
ME: C++
Questions: WAP to generate fibonacci series
Swapping of numbers using call b ref. And call by value (Only logic.. cut out the printf... scanf kinda crap).
Thats it guys! These are all I can remember. Again I have covered most part and any other questions will be similar. So extrapolate what I have given here and prepare accordingly.

Last thing; please live up to your Resume. Do not think of putting something that you dont know about or know just something about. Highlight the words which you are completely confident of. When seeing your resume, the interviewer must be able to get knowledge of who you are by just giving a glance. So highlight your GPA if it is high and skills which you know in and out.
Your resume need not be 3 or 4 pages long to tell you are a learned person. The contrary holds good in the real life. The shorter and sweeter the resume is the better are your chances. 2 pages is good enough.

Face the interviewers with a positive frame of mind. Think that you can do it. what is in your mind, either the positive or negative mindset just reflects in your face, eyes and in your words