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General - Other Truba Collg,Bhopal - 15 July 2006 by Hexaware

Details of General - Other Truba Collg,Bhopal - 15 July 2006 by Hexaware conducted by Hexaware for job interview.
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I have recently been placed in Hexaware techologies in july 06.
It was through G4 solution.

There were basicly 3 rounds.

1.Online examination - The online examination was of 60 min AND 60 QUES were asked.
                       mostly from english,basic Quantative aptitude and the most important
                       part was computer awareness. There were average level of questons.
                       The test was held by G4 solution, a userid and pass was given to us
                       and through that we got login.
2.GD - Just after the Online exams we were told to go for GD where we were organised in a group of
       10 students. The GD was very much with the rules. Everyone was given the chance to speak
       They expected strong communication skills

on the basis of online test and gd a combined shortlist was given.
Out of 950 students who participated..209 got shortlisted.

3. Interviews - The Next day we had Final Interviews.There were 6 panels who were taking the interview.
                First was an HR Interview which was of 5 mins. after that they send me for technical
                 interview which lasted for45mins. They expects strong basic technical knowledge of ur core branch.
                 As i was from It i was asked few questions on OOPs,JAVA,C++,Internet,Networking,Database.
                If your basics in technical is clear u will definetly crack hexaware.