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Saveetha Engineering College - 9 October 2010 by HCL

Details of Saveetha Engineering College - 9 October 2010 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
I m here to share my experience that how I got into HCL Technologies.

First of all I have read .com members post before facing the interview process. So thanks to all those who have came forward and share their experience which gave me lot of confidence.

Three Rounds Was there in the selection process.
2.Technical GD
3.HR Interview.

1st round is Aptitude Section Where there will be a total of 105 questions to answer in online with 107 minutes time.
This round is split into four categories.
4.Pgmming(pnli few questions)

Prepare from agarwal book

If u clear this round u r place is 75% confirmed.

2nd Round is Tech GD, Where they gave topic for me as...

Why is pgmming language neccessary, Which pgmming lang u prefer and what are all its adv and disadv,s?

As I m the first guy sitting close to the panel members I was d first guy to start the GD. I was nervous and with the topic Icant able to deliver it on the first attempt, after giving intro abt the topic, then we started to debate that which pgmming is best and that point of time I didnt stop talking as I continuously interrupted and also not against the other team members comments.
So in my selection process there were 13 guys in GD and 7 got selected, those 7 were the one,s who talked much repetitively during the GD. In some selection process, they didnt select those who talked much. So look for ur team members how they are talking and respond to the situation.
I dont have any hope in my selection through the GD as I talked much but without much content and fluency, but once d result got out in 10 mins I was on cloud nine that I have finally made into HCL as the final round is just like a formality to end up the interview process by filling up the form.

3rd and Final round is HR interview.. it was more like a simple interaction with HR persons, once u clear GD, u r through to HCL, they consider u as their employee and interacts with us, it was a funny incident for me as the HR asked me ques like who is best sachin or pointing kinda questions and he handshaked me atlast and he replied we will get u back soon.

After a Week I got confirmation Mail from HCL that I have been selected.

The first round happend 20 days before the 2nd round and results came after 15 days only Iwas pretty confident that I ll get through in apps as have prepared well in few imp topics.

So have enough confidence to face the challenge. U ll definetely get through, Hope to meet u here