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MAIT - 30 August 2011 by HCL

Details of MAIT - 30 August 2011 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
HCL Technologies came to our colg. on 30th Aug, 2011. We were very lucky that the comapany didn,t conducted any type of test for the recruitment process. we just got this info, a one day earlier, so we just prepared for the Interview.

First, there was a brief presentation form the company about the objectives, want they are expecting from us etc. A key point in that was the Bond for 18 months costing 1Lakh, rest other things were pretty much same like other companies.
We were around 200 students who sat for the Interview process. The process began at around 11am.

there were around 15 representatives form HCL. the Interview was, one on one basis. There was only one Interview, it can be HR or Technical depending upon your luck as told by our placement coordinators. My name came around 2.30, and I was lucky that I was called after lunch. The guy was a young person around 28 I guess, he was very cool. The interaction with him began like this.

Interviewer: How are you?
Me: fine, was waiting for my turn.

Interviewer: so, tell me something about you which is not mentioned in your CV?
me: i got confused as what to tell him which in not mentioned over there, but i thought for a while then told him about my interest, what i did in my past in college etc...

he was just listening me up, not even nodding or looking at me, was just viewing my CV.

Interviewer: tell me something about HCL.
me: i just read one day before about the company profile, told him the 2-3 key points about the company. Friends, don,t forget to see the company profile, they will definitely ask this to you.

Interviewer: So, why should I hire you?
me: mentioned that i like this thing about company, told stuffs like am team player, adjust well in team etc.
this time, he nodded at my answer, my confidence grew by that.

Interviewer: So, what king of latest update you heard in the mobile Industry?
me: thought for a while, and then I asked sir, are you talking about Android? he said yes.....
I knew many thing about Android, told him about that, but when I told him the latest version name and umber, he smiled, as saying that you know alot. :) :)

Interviewer: so, what makes it different form Symbian.??
me: told about it, its Nokia OS, etc...

Interviewer: are you willing to be reallocated anywhere or work in shifts?
me: all yes sir.. :) :)

Interviewer: tell me something about your family.
me: told briefly.

my interview was all HR kind like, with only one semi-technical thing about Android.

At last he said thanks for the interview, you can leave now. I thanked him, and then left the room.
we waited for the results till evening but around 5 pm it was announced that it will not come today, but in 2-3 days....

After 2 days, it was there, my name was there, I was very happy to see my name for the first time, as I was not able to made it to Infosys and Accenture. this was the first company. They hired 86 people from our college.
Am, happy that I was selected, and HAPPY to be MR."HCL" now. So, friends meet you up in HCL, bye.... for now