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Details of ISD CHITKARA UNIVERSITY 12 SEPTEMBER 2012 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
HCL ISD came to our college on 12 Sept 2012. The following were the procedure for the placement :

1. AMCAT online test.
2. English written test.
3. Face to face Interview.
4. Technical Round.
5. HR Round.

The whole placement process took 3 days to complete.

1. On 12 Sept 2012 ...I had an online test on AMCAT (Its software for Online test).
1) There were Technical questions of C ,C++ and Data Structure &

-> problems on Numbers
-> Ages,Profit n Loss
-> Permutations n Combinations
-> Chain RUle,Odd man out Series,
-> Probability ,
->Simple Interest,
->Pipe n Cistern

3) VERBAL RESONING ....Topics were....
-> Syllogism
->Blood Relations test
->Seating Arrangement
->Direction sense
->Logical Sequence of Words

4) VERBAL ABILITY ....Topics were ..
->Spotting Errors
->Ordering of Words
->Completing Statements
->Idioms and Phrases
->One Word Substitutes
->Sentence Correction
->Ordering of Sentences
->Ordering of Sentences.

Do Practice all these topics. You can do these from or do the

RS Agarwal thats all you will definitly cleared this round. Don,t worry questions are easy just practice and practice.

On 13 Sept in the morning. Results were Announced of Online test and I cleared the first round.

2. Now 2nd Round. It was ENGLISH WRITTEN TEST. There were 20 Questions to be completed within 15 mins. these questions are so easy,if you know the tenses and grammar then you will be able to clear this test. so many students were Eliminated after this round. So pay heed to your Tenses and Grammar.


Its is just to check your communication skills .In this Round thwere were 20 students were seating together and an Interviewer wwas askin the questions like Tell me about youself or some general Questions like name 5 objectives for yourself within 1min and your hobbies. This is not elimination Round .You just have to confident say whatever you want to say whether its wrong .but say with confidence

On 14 Sept 2012,now i was heving Technical Round.

Questions were....
1) Introduce yourself
2)Tell me about your Project (Explain your project as much as you can )
3) Which is the best OSI and TCP/IP model ? (Netwrking Questions).
4) What is DHCP,DNS and its Functions?
5) What is your FAvourite Subjects?
( I told C,C++,Data Structure,SDLC,OOPS)
6.Then he askes the questions from OOPs like what are the fatures of OOps ..
and gave me a C program to write.

That,s all and Result was announced after 10 mins and I cleared this Round. Only you have to do is you should know 2 or more subject properly and have basic knowledge of Computer networks, hardware also.

Just do C,C++,Data Structure,study your projects deeply ,Networking .don,t get nervous be polite with the interviewer. (so many student were eliminated in this round)
Around 120 students were left for the HR round.

5) HR Round.

It was so easy ..Questions were like Tell me your family Background ,and Questions were there from Resume... Hobbies and all, what you do at your free time and ya I remember the 1 question was what is the difference between sympathy and empathy . 1 more thing if you don,t know the answer at-least try to answer . This round is also to check your communication skills and your mind stability that how you think if any problem is given to you and its all about how you handle the situation.