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Comnet Visakhapatnam 1 March 2012 by HCL

Details of Comnet Visakhapatnam 1 March 2012 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
This round consists 20 grammar questions-10mins duration.its not so easy this consists of tricky be careful. Better practice placement papers online.

2nd round-face to face round(speak clear,confidently,expressive,loud,highlight your specialty among others)
ques: Tell me about yourself?
Best moment in your life?
Narrate your favorite movie?
Your favorite book? why it is?
Role model ? why?

3rd round-technical round(speak confidently)
Since im an ECE student they asked about basics of c
Say about your mini project?
How current flows?
Who is your best friend ? Why?

4th round-HR round(dont loose ur confidence)
Tell me about yourself?
Who is founder of HCL?
Why HCL?
What is HCL mean?
What do you know about our company?
Do you prefer half emty or half full?
Challenging situation?
Mostly they see your resume and ask questions on it. Your achievements, your paper presentations. etc.,

Out of 1200 only 70 cleared all these rounds.

After we faced all these rounds. the last round written test eliminated many

5th round-apttitude test through AMCAT
Logical reasoning-25

Please don,t take this round so easy. It,s the main round which decides your fate.
Out of 70 only 30 selected at the last and I,m one of them.