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8 May 2009 by HCL

Details of 8 May 2009 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
The whole selection procedure of HCL, consist of:

1.Online Test.
2.Technical Interview
3.HR Interview

1.HCL Online Test

The test is divided into three main section.

1. Quantitative Aptitude.(25 Qs- 35 min)
2. Verbal Reasoning.(25 Qs-25 min)
3. Logical Reasoning.(24 Qs-35 min)


No Negative Marks.
There is no way for jumping between question without answering the question in order.
Only after finishing the first section u can move to the next section.

1.Quantitative section consist simple question from the area like logarithms, simplification, probability, profit and loss and so on.

but, i got most of the question from logarithms and simplification.

2.Verbal reasoning consist of RC, Synonym, Antonym, Spotting Errors, Sentence Completion...

3. Logical reasoning mainly include question like Puzzles, Arithmetical reasoning, Classification, Analogy...

This section is basically very easy except Quantitative which is bit more difficult.

2.Technical Interview.

About my technical interview, the interviewer was very friendly, and my whole interview process done very cool.
my whole interview process done for nearly 45 minutes.

The following are the area, in which i got the question...

1. OSI layer.
2. SDLC.
3. IP Address and Types
4. Software Testing.( since it was my area of interest.) and some other question.
5. Program for String Palindrome, Factors Finding, Fibonacci Numbers.

I answered nearly most of the question well. i got cleared my technical interview.

3. HR Interview.

This round is merely a formality.. my HR interviewer was very friendly kind. I gave all my answer with confidence, loud and clear to his question.
The following are the some question which i got in my interview.

1. Tell me abt urself.
2. frnds opinion abt u.
3. Achievements and some more question.
4. Decision making for particular situation.
5. Three condition for joining in HCL.

At the end, he ask me like do u have any question. i ask about training period and he answered.
Finally he said " PLEASE WAIT FEW MINUTES."

I am very confident about my result, because i did well.
Final result was declared around 9.00 p.m. In the result out of 46 students, 24 got selected in final round.

With my parents wishes and God,s Blessing i got cleared the whole selection process.My name was there.
That was the greatest moments of happiness of my life. i have got a job. i am really soooo happy.

It,s not that very difficult. Believe in yourself.

Last but not least, i express my gratitude to FRESHERS WORLD, for giving valuable information to get into my HCL Family.

I am really very very happy for being part of HCL family

So friends, i am wishing you all the very very best to all of you.

OK then. See u in HCL very soon.