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Placement Papers, Procedure And Careers At by HCL Infosystems

Details of Placement Papers, Procedure And Careers At by HCL Infosystems conducted by HCL Infosystems for job interview.

HCL Infosystems Ltd. is India’s Premier Distribution and IT Services and Solutions Company. HCL Infosystems’ has one of the largest sales & distribution network in the country and provides value added distribution for partners including last mile connect and support in marketing and promotions for Telecom, IT , Office Automation and Consumer Electronics products covering more than 15000 towns across 664 districts in India. Our distribution business has an unparalleled network that reaches more than 100,000 retail outlets, over 800 Direct and Micro Distributors and over 12400 Channel Partners across India.

There are 3 rounds for the placement process at HCL :

1. Computer Based Aptitude Test (AMCAT)
2. Group Discussion
3. HR

1. Computer Based Aptitude Test (AMCAT) : This is the Computer based aptitude test which is conducted by aspiring minds. If you get a good score in this test you will be selected directly to the second round for the companies who are the clients of aspiring minds. This is the toughest part for the whole selection process. The only way to cross this line is by hard work. You have to prepare really well and the rest of the part will be done by god. I will explain about the test in detail. The test for HCL had 4 sections

1. Verbal Ability (25 questions 30 Mins)
2. Quantitative Aptitude(25 questions 35 mins)
3. Logical reasoning(25 questions 35 Mins)
4. Technical Comprehension(8 questions 8 Mins)

Verbal ability is an easy part. If possible go through GRE barrons that will help you in all recruitment process. Synonyms Antonyms, grammatical errors detection, comprehension etc are there. 

Quantitative Aptitude is a bit difficult, only because it concentrates more on problems on numbers, surds and Indices. If you are going for the test, make sure that you are going through all these portions because the questions are chosen random from the database and will depend on how much luck you have on the given day. So make sure that you have gone through all the portions. There is no substitute for hard work. And R.S Aggarwal will surely help you a lot.

Logical reasoning is also an easy part, just some family tree problems and puzzles.

Technical comprehension consisted of 2 paragraphs with 8 questions. You will surely be able to answer this if you have basic computer knowledge. 

The next stage was GD.

2. Group Discussion : The group discussion is meant to be a technical group discussion, but  the HCL HR may give you the choice, whether you want a technical GD or a general GD.

Tips for GD:
1. If Possible, start the GD. And before you start, tell something like" With everyones permission, I am starting our discussion" etc.   
2. You should be loud and clear. 
3. Never get into an argument. If somebody interrupts you, stop and listen and then complete your  point of view. 
4. If you have any points in the middle, raise your hand and ask something like " Shall i have my view on this" or " I feel I have to put in a point here". Never go to mute in a discussion for long, you should be involved, bus also make sure that you listen to every word that others are saying. To succeed in GD you have to talk as well as listen. 
5. Take control of the situation and think like you are conducting a debate, put across questions to your group, like if you were in this position, what would you have done so that the HR comes to know that you have the qualities of a leader too.
6. When HR comes and Explains the topic, make good eye contact with him and during discussion, never look at the HR, but look at all the members of your group. You should be able to do this when you are talking 
7. And last but not least, Conclude the discussions with whatever points that were put across, in a short and crisp way.

If you pass the GD then you are 99% Placed in HCL

3. HR : HR will ask for your resume. He will then ask whether you have a problem in relocation. Then they will explain you about the package that HCL are offering and ask whether you are ok with that.