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Interview Jobs 2 - Paper General - Other by HAL

Details of Interview Jobs 2 - Paper General - Other by HAL conducted by HAL for job interview.
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HI friends i am ASHISH BHUIYA, done my BE from BHOPAL (ALL SAINTS, COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY). I  was appear for the post of magmt. tranee in last 20th may 2007,from the branch EC 


Technical 100 question Apptitude 40 question Genral English 20 questionDicription of technical paper-their was around 30 question from core elctronics on diod,transistor,amplifire,filters,dc characterstics of transistor,FET,MOSFET,JFET,rctifire eficiecny,op-amp-summer,diff.,integrator,que. on characterstic of op-amp,4-5 question on core communication AM,DSBSC,SSBSC,FSK,QPSK(probility of error),datarate of DM,que. on quantization error and some conceptiual que. and all this thing read from ELECTRONICS-sedra&smit, comm. system by simyon hakin,milman hallkas,sorry 4 spelling mistake Discription of 10-15 questio from network analysis simple question,ask on abcd ,yparameter,z parameter,n/w theorem,initial condition,10-12 que. from 12th class physics basd on equipotentiol surface,dipole,columb rule 10-12 que on digital ckt system based on nand,nor ,and gate,some direct question based on ADC&DAC around 3-4 que 10-12 quetion based on control system from,gain,frequencyresponce,time response ie routharry,bode plot,rotlocus,plor plot,RELATION b/n physical and electic fn. 10-12 question on 12th class maths including continuty,integration,diff. question. 3-5 question on BE maths question from section APPTITUDE is completly copyed from BS AGRAWAL each qus. from every topic don,t forgett to do it eng from anseen passage,then question,synonims,opposite words. 80% mark of theory paper,20% for interviwe so u hav to go for kill in written exam. friends.