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Preparation Tips For Placement At by Hakuna Matata

Details of Preparation Tips For Placement At by Hakuna Matata conducted by Hakuna Matata for job interview.
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Hakuna Matata's commitment to the future is matched by their commitment to the people who will make it a reality. So they will invest in your development, equipping you with the technical skills for the present and ensuring you have a fulfilling, long-term career.

Here is the selection process and preparation tips for placement at Hakuna Matata :-

a)Company test: This is the most important part as 50-60% companies are open for all and they take aptitude test to shortlist the students. The best thing is to prepare for for cat seriously. In every college 30-40% people prepare seriously for cat and these pool of people keep getting short-listed again and again. So it’s better to be in the pool. All your preparation, interns, resumes, CG is a waste if you are not getting short- listed. So I will suggest start preparing for cat or atleast start giving some practice cat test to brush up your concept and increase your speed.

b)Resume: Keep following points in mind:
1)Prepare 2 types of resume. 1 Tech oriented and other for general firms. Tech resume can be of 2 page with a greater description of departmental projects. But the general resume should not exceed 1 page.
2)Fill the space completely. Its either 1 page or 2 page. There is nothing like 1.5 pages.
3)See the resume in print format and 80% space of the page should be filled.
4)Once you are done with resume ,send it to your seniors and friends for editing and make necessary changes.
5)While describing your interns, projects, extra-curricular follow the order – Aim( what was given to you), your efforts( what you did for that/ what you learned and applied) Result ( what was the final outcome and its result on the company or in your festival) Example: I was given the responsibility of……I learned and applied……The final result was ……
6)Avoid objective, interest, hobbies…these are very generic. Try to save as much space as you can for relevant things.
7)You should be very sure and comfortable with all the things you are mentioning in the resume because all your interview is going to go around your resume only.

c)Interview: The best and the only way to do this is to make an excel sheet like this and fill your answers. Send it for editing and mug it completely. Its better not to trust that spontaneous answers look more real. Mug the pre-written answers and try to deliver them as if they are spontaneous. Speak in front of mirror, or ask your friend take your mock interview.

d)GD: Get a group of good friends who are seriously preparing for interview. Pick any random topic. There are many GD Topics on net. Try to have practice GD among yourself. The rules of GD are: speak more, try to dominate the discussion but don’t get aggressive with your body language. You should look cool but try to grab the most of the speaking times. Good points do matter but not much. 

e)Technical knowledge: Contact your seniors who have got placed in the companies you are targeting and ask them about the areas in which the respective companies were interested and start preparing on the same line.