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Grapecity Placement Paper GrapeCity Noida 15 July 2010 by Grapcity

Details of Grapecity Placement Paper GrapeCity Noida 15 July 2010 by Grapcity conducted by Grapcity for job interview.
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Questions: 20 Time : 30 mins
In my question paper it ws written not to attempt particular 2 question n dat questions were same as came previosuly

1. Select the odd figure

2. Count the numbr greater than 450 in pool of numbers
There ws a paragraph reading n we hv to answers 5 questions based on dat.. Quite an easy1.. Its all abt coke...

3 Question to be solved after luking at the paragrph

4 -do- 5 They asked u sumthng related to para (Like wot u like to invent)

6 related to para {By millionaries donated money}

7 Same related to para 2 questions of age problem...

8. Easy ques

9. Language ws diffuclt of this quest

10. Qest on Fraction

11. List of numbr is given n u hv to chose a numbr rfom this list n solve the puzzle

12. A map ws given n u hv to solve 2-3 quest after reading the map

13. Map

14. Map

15. Sumthng same question Do+DiD = DONE .. Assing alpabets the digits

16. Salery problem. A man has 2000$ more salery than B.. Kinda quest.. Easy

17. Series completion test.. Though the numbrs were in roman bt it ws easy

18. Dun remembr

19. -do-

20. Write a program (optional ques)

Abt cut-off m nt sure. Even i attemptd only 13-14 questions.. I think it will b arund 10-12
They called me for an interview n taken juz a formal HR -Temme abt urself -Y didnt u attempted quest 15 -Then she gave me similar puzzle.. It ws easy n i ws able to solve dat. they wr giving puzzles to evry1. -Y u wanna join grapecity N 2-3 basic questions.. It ws easy... n then she called me for an HR n tech intrvw after 2 days... After 2 days a Japenese person tuk my HR again n i ws out in dat.. though i justified all my points.... So Best f Luck buddies..........Ur job is waiting for u.. U juz need Ur DaY.... Cheers