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Placement Papers And Placement Procedure by Goldman Sachs

Details of Placement Papers And Placement Procedure by Goldman Sachs conducted by Goldman Sachs for job interview.

Employing around 300 graduate students every year as well as numerous interns, Goldman Sachs is one of the best places prospective investment bankers want to go. As a well known name in investment banking, competition for student positions can be fierce. However with solid preparation and foreknowledge of the recruitment process, you strengthen your chances for success. The following article outlines the application process intended for graduates but internship candidates can also expect a similar process. 

Following is the process of placement at Goldman Sachs :

1. Online Application : This is the first step for getting placed at Goldman Sachs. While filling online application, they will ask you questions about your basic details, academic and work history. If you have good language skills, you will be given preference. There are two more sections beside basic application section. These are Leadership experience section and motivational letter section. 

2. Goldman Sachs First Interview : The first interview you have with Goldman Sachs will be different from the later interviews. This first is 30 minutes long and your interviewer is a senior manager from the department you are applying for. The interview is competency-based, which focuses on your past experiences, achievements and whether or not you are a cultural fit for Goldman Sachs. You should also be prepared for industry specific questions as well. Give yourself a boost with our Skype based interview preparation. 

3. The Goldman Sachs Aptitude Tests : The Goldman Sachs aptitude tests are taken following the first interview. There is a numerical and verbal test given to all candidates whilst technical candidates also face a technical test.

4. Goldman Sachs Second Interview : After you have cleared your written test and first interview successfully, you will be invited for second interview.