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Edge Placement Paper 31 January 2011 by Global

Details of Edge Placement Paper 31 January 2011 by Global conducted by Global for job interview.
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GLOBAL EDGE Placement Question Paper

1) main()
{ int arr[]={ 1,2,3,4 };
int *ptr ;;;;
ptr++ = arr;
return 0;
what is the output :

a> compile time error :multiple termination statements for pointer
b> lvalue required for ptr
c> prints 3 3
d> printd 4 3

ans b: lvalue required for ptr;

2) main()
char s[10];
scanf ("%s",s);


what is the output if input is abcd :

a> prints abcd
b> compiler error
c> prints abcd and 6 junk characters
d> printd s

ans a: prints abcd.

3) main()
char c = 255;
printf ("%d",c);
return 0;

what is the output

a> illegal character assignment
b> prints -1
c> prints 2
d> prints 255

ans b: prints -1.

4) main()
int i;
for (i=7;i prints hello 7 times
b> prints hello 8 times
c> prints hello once
d> prints nothing

ans b: prints nothing.

5) main()
printf( printf ("world") );


a> prints world
b> prints printf ("world")
c> prints nothing
d> compiler error

ans d: compiler error.

computer concepts

1) A c source code file can be

a> compiled only
b> interpreted only
c> both compiled and interpreted
d> nothing

ans c : both compiled and interpreted

2) c prigramming approach is

a> Top down
b> bottom up
c> both topdown and bottom up
d> none of the above

ans a:top down approach

3) The access time is less for

a> hard disk
b> cache
c> registers
d> main memory

ans c:registers

4) resolving of external variables in a program is done at

a>complie time
b>run time
c>link time
4>load time
ans c: link time.

5) interrupts inform process about

a> events external to process asynchronously
b> events external to process synchronously
c> both a and b
d> events internal to a process

ans a: events external to process asynchronously

/* C question and answers

All questions are tested in Turbo C compalier and have not been
tested in gcc or ( linux platform) */
which of the following is correct?
a)compilation error
b)Run time error
c)No output
d)depends on the compiler

ans : a
#define islower(c) (,a,