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Job Interview 2 - Whole Testpaper by Genpact

Details of Job Interview 2 - Whole Testpaper by Genpact conducted by Genpact for job interview.
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Dear Friends,
On  25th  January 2007, Genpact Visited our Institute TECHNO INDIA Engg. college In kolkata..It was a group campus. My self is Krishnendu Chaklader(B-tech IT)& I got in Genpact throughGENPACT Software campus placement process.

There were around 500 students appeared for the aptitude test.Aprox 250+ students appeared for GD.160 students for HR. 38 students for technical Interview.Finally 20 students were selected. Here is the pattern.


The recruitment process (four round) is quite a long. It goes as follows:--

I. Written Test     1 Hrs

II. GD                  

III. HR      

IV. Technical.


But there ware 3 set of Apti papers. I got the Set-I. The paper was not so hard. There was no section cut off.

Written Test consist of Three Section:

1) Verbal                      10 Questions

2) Logical Reasoning  10 Questions

3) Analytical                 10 Questions                 



There were 2 paragraphs. All the questions were from those paragraph.
1) Some questions the passage intends to:, this sentence intends to: like this.
2) 2-3 question from synonyms(from the passage)

Analytical Part

1. The average of  6 quantities is 8. The average of 4 of them is 5. What is the avg. of the remaining 2 numbers?

2. The avg. age ofa group of 12 students is 20yers.If 4 more students join the group,the avg age increases by 1 year.The avg age of the new student is?

3. If the value of ApbLtd company stock drops from 45$ per share to 38$ per share, what is the percent of decrease?

4. Avg cost of 5 pens and 4 pencils isRs. 36.The avg cost of 5 pens and 9 pencils is Rs.56.Find the total cost of  25 pens and 25 pencils?

5. If 3/p=8 & 3/q=18 then p-q=?

6. (1/5)^3+(3/5)^3+3(1/5)(3/5)(1/5+3/5)=?

7. Three math classes:A,B,C Taken a test.

The avg score of A is=83.

The avg score of B is=76.

The avg score of C is=75.

The avg score of all students in classes A & B together is 67

The avg score of all students in classes B & C together is 81.

I) What is the avg of all 3 classes?

8. IF a rectengale length and width are both doubled,by what percent is the rectangle area increase?

9. A rectangular tank by x*y*z is filled with water.if all the water is transferred to cube shape tanks,each one is p inches on a many small tanks require?(x,y,z,p are variables)

10..A father is three times as old as his son.After 15 years the father will be twice as old as his sons age at that time.Hence the fathers present age is?

(The data are not same with the question set but the pattern was same.)


Logical Reasoning

1.A puzzle was seating/placing arrangements.

 A,B,C,D,E,F and G are sitting on a wall .

 C is on the immediate right of D

 B is at an extream end and has E as his neighbour.

G is between E And F.

 D is sitting third from the south end.

a)who is sitting to the right of e?

b)which of the following pairs of people are sitting at the extream ends?

c)E is sitting between?

Five ques. Were from this puzzle.

2.Another 5 questions were a given blood relation. Like 
There is a family of six persons P,Q,R,S,T and U.They are Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher,  Salesman, Engineer and Accountant. There are two married couples in the family. S, the salesman is married to the Lady Teacher. The Doctor is married to the Lawyer U, The Accountant is the son of Q and brother of T. R, the Lawyer is the daughter-in-law of P. T is the unmarried Engineer. P is the Grandmother of U. Which is the profession of P?
a)Lawyer            b)Teacher           c)Doctor             d)Accountant


another Blood relation I couldnot remember fully,like paramita,puja are children of Mr. Asha.Puja Married to Eldest daughter of Mrs. Sen.Rita ,bindu all are daughter of Mrs.& MR.Sen..Gita is sujits daughter.. Ques. Are  
1.What is the sur name of puja
2.Who is married to Bindu?

3.What is the surname of gita?


Mainly the pattern of the reasoning Ques. were from R.S.AGGARWAL  .Mainly chapter 5,6.


2) GD round

My topic was Effect of Bandh in IT Industry.

 Most of the topic was Current Affirs.Like womens world., IT is enabler (BOON) or not ?

There are approx. of 10-12 members in each group & particularly they check you Communication skills, Leadership Qualities etc.Basic funda is to say as much as you know about the topic.


3) HR Round

They asked me

1)Tell me about yourself.

2)your weak point and strong point and give example

3)About my final year project

4)Are you rady to go any where in India or not?

5)Your hobbies.

6) why did you join in IT ?


4) Technical round

Though it was a technical round But they asked me technical questions and HR questions also.

1) Tell me about yourself ?

2) Marks in  Madhyamik and H.S.and specialy in math.

3) Your interested subjects

4) In which platform do u want to work? I told In .Net platform.But he asked me questions from C.

5) Write down a program calculate factorial of 7 using recurssion.

6) Write  the func. of Bubble short.After that give an exampale and find the 2nd largest element.I took a simple exampale and explain the logic.

7) What is DBMS?

8) What is View?Write the syntax of view.

9) Why we do normalization ?Defination of 1NF,2NF,3NF,BCNF.

10) Some questions on my hobbies.I wrote playing cricket is one of my hobby.He asked me Your Boss give u a work and a very interesting game is going on in TV.Then what u will do