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Whole Testpaper - Sectional Number 2 by GE

Details of Whole Testpaper - Sectional Number 2 by GE conducted by GE for job interview.
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Hi friends,

GE was on our campus on 30-JULY-2007. Recruitment was done for both HTC (Hyderabad technological centre, Hyderabad) and JFWTC (John F.Welch technological center, Bangalore). Pay scale 3.6L P.A for B.Tech and 4.75L P.A for M.Tech guys.Thanks to Freshers world which helped me a lot in getting into my dream company. I hope my experience may help you a lot.    


Paper pattern


For Electrical 10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Civil   10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Mechanical   10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Electronics 10 Aptitude questions.

For Computer Science 10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions in C.

Duration of test 30 minutes. Each correct answers carries 1mk .

 Note: Negative marking  of  mk exists for each wrong answer.

Getting through the written test is quite easy. Then we had Technical interview followed by  HR interview.


This paper is for Electrical students. Hope aptitude is almost same for all branches, only technical paper is different.


Aptitude paper

1. The time taken by boat to row upstream 2km and downstream 6km is same. Calculate  

     the speed of boat in still water.

     a) 4kmph       b) 8kmph       c) 2kmph

      Ans   a

 2. A, B, C can finish a piece of work in 12 days. A alone can finish the same work in 20 

    days. B alone can finish the same work in 18 days. In how days C alone can complete

    the same work.( numbers are not accurate but question is of this type).

 3. The fungus in a vessel doubles for every 3.00 P.M the fungus in the vessel  

      is 120. at what time the fungus rate is 960.

      Ans 3.15 P.M

 4. The size of the room is 120x80 and the size of each tile is 2.4x1.8. Find minimum 

    number of tiles required to cover the floor (number are not accurate)

 5.  A triangle inscribed in a circle is given and asked to find out the angle. (A bit tough 

     question among all the questions)

 6. AB and CD are two chords of a circle. AB=2*CD. The perpendicular distance of

     chords AB and CD from the center of the circle are a, b respectively. Express AB in 

    terms of a, b.

 7. A pipe can fill tank in 3 hrs. A hole a bottom of tank can empty the tank in 6 hrs. After 

    hr the hole at the bottom of tank is opened. Find the time taken to fill the tank  

    completely. (Numbers are not accurate. Problem of this model is given)

 8. Problem on figures is given. Some sequence of figures (around 5) are given and asked 

    to find the next figure that comes in sequence.


 Technical paper

1. In dc motor the motion of conductor is given by

   a) Flemmings right hand rule    b) Flemings left hand rule

   c) Cork screw rule                       d)                          Ans  b.

 2. The resistance of conductor is R. If the conductor length gets doubled and cross section  

     is reduced by half a times then the resistance of conductor is

     a).R remains same                     b) R gets reduced by 2

     c) R increases by 2                    d) R increases by 4                             Ans   d.

 3. Two plates of cross section 2mm2 are separated by a distance of 1cm. the capacitance        

    between these plates is 

    ( I dont remember exact figures, question of this to compute the value of capacitance       

        C = A/d)

 4. No of poles, speed of the alternator, etc are given and asked to find the voltage induced 

    in the rotor ckt of the alternator.

 5. In parallel circuit under resonance

    a) current is maximum             b) impedance is minimum

    c) voltage magnification takes place    d) current magnification takes place

 6. 3 resistances of  R/2 are connected in star , the magnitude of resistances  when 

     connected in delta is

       Ans 3R/2

 7. Problem on dual networks

    Sorry  I could not recall remaining questions. For aptitude R.S.Agarwal aptitude 

    R.S.Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning are more than enough. For technical just

    prepare basic concepts in networks and machines.


Technical interview

     This is the basic elimination round. My interview lasted for about 45 to 50min.

Before attending the interview just  have a very good brush up in all the electrical subjects especially power systems protection, machines, power system operation and control, power electronics and drives.

Answer all questions with great confidence . Be cool. GE people are very friendly. Dont give up any question quite easily Try till last they will help you at most of times. Try to answer all the questions. Once you get through this round they will ask you to stay back for next round.


HR interview.

     This is very very cool round among all the rounds.95%  its not elimination round. Here they test your communication skills and your problem handling capability. For me it was just 30-40min.For one of my friend it lasted for about 1and hr.

Here they asked me quite general questions like

Tell me about urself.

Hobbies and  interests.

Areas of interest.

Tell me about GE.

Ur dream company other than GE.

How many days you will be in GE

Some more questions of this type were asked.