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General - Other by FCG

Details of General - Other by FCG conducted by FCG for job interview.

I got selected in FCG through a pooled campus held in durgapur on 14-15th September, 2006.

They are having four rounds of interviews namely-
Aptitude tests, Group discussions, Technical interview and finaly HR.

The Aptitude test was conducted by PAC ie Progressive Aptitude Council from Bangalore.

The first thing that I want to share in case of FCG is that they are having a very unusual pattern of questions. They were never tough. Extremely easy but time is the only constraint.
We were given 7 sections:-

1. This includes flow charts. we are to deduce some o/p. there were possibly seven flow charts.

2. This section is to compare the cdata between two tables.

3. Quick maths ie addition,substraction,multiplication etc.

4. There is a section for technical.

5. A section for quantitative aptitude.very simple problems.

I am sorry the rest i cant remember...
they are having a fixed time for each of there sections. There were some sample question before each of the new sections to make you aquainted with the pattern. There was no negative marking.

The second round of interview includes topics like
1. Unionism & Activism in college.
2. live to gether.
3. is china a threat to India etc..

The Technical round for myself last for 45 mins. It was totally from my project. My third sense says that they give preference to people having knowledge of Java & .NET. Knowledge of JSP, Servlet can be added adventage and if you are having a sound academic record then highlight that..

The next round of the process is HR.
there were some patent questions for everybody like..
1. your role model and why??
2. your hobby??
there is a catch inb this. if you say painting, then he will ask you to paint. So be confident in what you are saying.

That is all about my experience. May it be of little help to you all in future.
Be confident and focussed. FCG looks for persons with exceptional communicational skills, interpersonal skills, good academic backgrounds and emotional quotient. Try to prove the caring nature within yourself all through the process. This is a healthcare based company. They require such people.