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Placement Paper DELL Interview Tips 16 May 2012 - Various Paper 1 by Dell

Details of Placement Paper DELL Interview Tips 16 May 2012 - Various Paper 1 by Dell conducted by Dell for job interview.

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Tips for your Dell interview

Even though Dell has a very structured approach to our interviews, no two interviews are the same. Nor is there a magic formula for acing the interview. There are, however, a few basic tips that can help you better communicate with your interviewer. Study up, apply your knowledge and youll definitely wow us.

Complete the application prior to starting the interview process.

This helps us streamline the entire process. All of your current information is in one place. It simplifies things, and, as an added bonus, organizational skills are very impressive.

Double-check that all your information is complete and accurate.

Misinformation can derail a promising application. So, go back to your resume and profile one more time to scan for typos and update your contact information. Always be truthful about the skills, abilities and experiences you present on your resume.

Speak clearly and audibly.

We know youre nervous, but try to relax. Speak a little louder and more slowly than normal but not so slow that we think youre a robot.

Make eye contact.

Nothing says youre engaged with the person in front of you more than making eye contact. It communicates respect for the speaker and is a strong display of candidate confidence. Keep it natural, though you dont want to stare your interviewer down.

Take a moment for composure.

A few moments of silence after youve been asked a challenging question is more than OK. Its expected. It shows youre taking the time to think and compose a response that directly addresses the question.

Present concrete examples of your capabilities.

Stay away from responses that require abstract explanations. Focus instead on providing concrete examples of relevant professional experiences youve had and the results yielded from your influence or actions.

Avoid unrelated topics.

The golden rule of interviewing is to stay on track. Dont meander with your answers. Be specific. And only bring in additional information if its relevant to the question and your ability to do the job.

Prepare a few questions.

There is always time in each interview for the candidate to ask questions. And whether you have questions often directly indicates your level of interest in the position. So, take the time to formulate a few questions about the specific position, the company or the experience of working at Dell.