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For Interview 8 - Placement Papers And Sample Papers - Paper,99 Pondicherry by CTS

Details of For Interview 8 - Placement Papers And Sample Papers - Paper,99 Pondicherry by CTS conducted by CTS for job interview.
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Depending on your interest area (Operating systems,networks,DBMS,software engineering)
choose the questions given below and prepare for it.
these are some CTS questions. asked in interview

[1] What are the current trends and areas of focus in
[2] What is a Micro-Kernel architecture.
[3] Describe the memory management policies in Unix

How is paging implemented? How page faults are
[4] What is the CPU-scheduling policy in Unix? - Round
robin scheduling with multilevel queues.
[5] Describe the Sliding window protocol. What is it,s
advantage over stop-and-wait? 
[6] Diff between compilers and interpreters. Some
fundamentals about how to link code in different files.


1. Tell us about yourself, your background.

2. What does your father do currently.

3. Your performance in schooling, B.E.

4. Your points.

5. Aren,t you going for higher studies abroad? Why?
6. What qualities do you have that make you a person suitable for going into the IT industry

7. What do your friends opine about you.

8. When do you think you will complete and be able to

9. How can you assure that you will join by that time.

10. Anything you want to know about us.

11. Significant achievements in life.

( may be paper publications etc. )

more questions:

 Why paging is used ?

Which is the best page replacement algo and Why ?

WHat is software life cycle ?

How much time is spent usually in each phases and
why ?

What is testing ?

Which are the different types of testing ?

Which are the different phases in Software life
cycle (asked again)

Why is analysis and testing phases very important ?

Why networks are layered ? What is the advantage of                         
that ?

How many layers are there in OSI ? Why is it called
OSI model ?

network topologies ?

Which are the different network toplogies ?

an example of bus type network.

What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?

Explain the advantage and disadvantage of ethernet ?

Which is the protocol used in ethernet. (CSMA/CD)
Why is it called so ?

What is the advantage of Ring network ?

Compare it with ethernet.

What is inheritance, encapsulation etc.

If there are too many page faults what is the

To ensure one pgm. doesnt corrupt other pgm. in a
Multi-pgm. enviornment

what you should do?

Which one you will use to implement critical
section? Binary Semaphore

 Which one is not needed for Multi-pgm. enviornment?              

options are: virtual memory,security,time sharing,none
of the above. 

Which one is not done by Data link layer ? bit
stuffing, LRC,CRC,parity check 

 Which one is not related to Data link layer?

 Which one is not suitable for client-server
application? tcp/ip,message passing,rpc,none of the

Term stickily bit is related to a)kernel
b)undeletable file c) d)none

semaphore variable is different from ordinary
variable by ?

 Where semaphore is used?

 what is Test and set lock?

 what is critical section and metods for mutual exclusion?

 what is internal fragmentation ,external fragmentation,compaction?             

 what is page fault?How the os finds a page fault has really occured?(protction bits: valid bit, invalid bit)

producer-consumer problem ,reader- writer problem


If u say your favorite pass-time is chatting then u,ll be asked how a "CHAT" application works.

if u say I "search" a lot in the web using Google u,ll be asked how a search engine works
(need not say in detail just say it briefly)

how internet works(for eg; when u type what actually happens how the yuvajobs,s  page is loaded?

 Operator overloading ,virtual functions(write programs) what is data model types of data model
2.what is RDBMS.
3.what is normalization,functional
4. what is oops.
5.what is the difference between c++ and c; of oops.
7.inhetence,sequence diagram.
9.what is an operating system.
10.what is multitasking. what is timesharing.
11.what is memory management.
12.what is virtual paging.
13.about your syllabus.
13.what is microprocessor, about 8085 etc.
14.intoduce your self.
15.about your hobbies.
16.if not related to computer branch then some very
small puzzle and 
some technical question 
related with the branch.

2data model
a.record base
b.logical base
c.object base
3what is a parent key
4time complexcity of different sorting algos                         
5what is o.s
7describe view mechanism
9functional dependency
12three tier structure
13vertical ,horizontal projection
14explain rdbms,ddbms
15fixed fomat data model
16name the technology used to connect a dbms to front end
17how will u design a dbms

what is data dictionary,dba,about normalization etc.
why it is called relational.

What is o.s?
what is a deadlock?
what is a semaphore?
difference between semaphore & monitor?

what is sdlc(software development life cycle)?                     

what is a linklist,stack,queue?
write a program to reverse a linklist?

what is dba?
difference between primary,foreign,candidate&super key?
different type of databases?
what is normalsation?explain them?

four division in cobol?
significance of 01,77,88,66 level?

function of compiler?
difference between object file & exe file?

difference between c &c++?
difference between sql&c++?      Cts red . Cit campus 20041) x^2 + y^2+12 = even number then ..x is even and y is odd

2)x cm, 6 cm, 8 cm (radius of three solid balls) melted those balls and we get the radius of 9 cm.then x = ?

3)A,B,C,D are the mid points of the sides of the rectangle and AB=BC=CD=DA=5 cm

And if one side of the rectangle is 6 cm then the area of the quadrilateral is ?

4)A is the father of C,D

H is the mother of E,F




Total distance =70 KM

Time taken= ?

6)In 9 minutes 1 worker can fill one box.Also 8 boxes makes one trunk.

If 18 men work together then how many boxes can be filled in 1 hours ?

7)3 samples of milk,water are in the proportions 2:! , 3:2 , 5;3

If we mix these quantities in equal amount,what will be the ratio of milk and water ?

8)Few pigs were bought for Rs.960.He sold one pig for Rs 135.His gain is the prize of 1 pig.Find the total number of pigs.

9)gain % = ? c.p = 3/4th (s.p)

10)1 can can be filled by 2 pipes .If the larger pipe can fill it in 4 minutes earlier than the other much time it will take to fill the can by the smaller pipe.

11)Income to expenditure is 4:5 per annumProfit is 5 lakhs.What is the expenditure ?

12)A and B are 27 miles apart and they started to walk towards each otherat at the same time .If both A and B walks in the same direction for 3 hours and after that they walk towards each other.What is the speed of B?

        COGNIZENT - Part 3  

Eight people. Six of them have rs.60/-and seventh person has Rs.10 more than that of average of all and eighth person has rs.55/- .find the total sum.

A women has children, grand children and great grandchildren. grand children has no children find no of children for women. (something like that)

Complete the sentences.

A passage given and find the correct anser.

10 boxes . each box has 10 balls each of 100gms, one box has balls of 90 gms,find the minimum number of weights to find the odd one.if balls=10 find the no.,if balls =1 find the no and so on.

A is taller than b, b taller than c, c not taller than d. find the arrangement.(something like that)

Train problems.

Problems on time and work. Ie. If men , women and children work for 12 days . if women work for of the day,children for the many men r required .

9,5 and one more digit. If reversed and subtracted from the original u get the same digit in some order. Find the no.

._. they represent characters. Some options given like
I, sat, dad, do. Find the option that represent the symbol.
And some questions regarding this symbol.

A and B do for 75 min, Band C for 55mis and A and C for 10 mins . find the individual work of A and C.

      COGNIZENT - Date 2/6/2004 - Kumaraguru College Of Technology  Questions :40 Time: 1Hr

Correct Answer: 1Mark Wrong Answer: 0.25 Marks

A Man in His Will States that when he dies his wife will get 1/3 of the estate and 2/3 will go to his son, only if a son is born. If a daughter is born wife will get 2/3 and daughter will get 1/3 . The Man dies and his wife gives birth to twins, one boy and one girl. The estate was divided keep the proportion as stated in will . 1/5 b)2/5 c)1/7 d)2/7 (check it Out)

|X| ,|Y| ,|X-Y| & |X|-|Y|,Which of the relation is correct

ans: |X|-|Y| <=|X-Y|

3)X>0 and Y>0 X+Y<5 which is true

a)2x+3y<14 b)3x+2y<18 c) d)

4)7 291 what is the Unit digit

A man spend his 1/6 of life in childhood 1/12 in bachelor after five years of marriage he got a son who died four years before his father and his age was half of his father age at the time of death

5)what is the mans age ans 84

6)At what age did the man marry

7)age of son ans 42

Analytical and verbal Baron GRE will do. In Analytical Questions Paragraph were given and find conclusion or Presuppositions (Very Very easy)

Q)Pilot alone cannot be blamed for the accidents that are happening .The Investigators have to consider other .


Q)The government is has raised the taxes on alcohol and other such substances due to

Ans) To Discourage their Consumption

P,Q,R,S,T were five sisters Age of s was 6 years. Rs age was sum of Q and S .T s age was twice of the sum of Q and S. P is the Eldest ..

(Very Very easy)

4 Questions on the above Paragraph (very very easy)

8) An Ice Cream with a cone as the base and hemisphere on the top . Radius 2.5 and height of the cone 6 find the area of hemisphere

9) A square is drawn by joining the midpoints of the sides of another square . Another Square is Drawn in the similar fashion This is continued infinitely .If the side of the Square is 4cm Total area is? (ans: 16sqcm)

10)In the 17 th Century people some flower.. why did they prefer

a)Scent b)Beauty c)Elegance d)Colour

Ans :c

11)Possible sum of all Number of 4 digit numbers with digits 0,1,2,3 no digit should repeat

37-40) a n=3n+1 and b n=3*2 n

3 Questions based on this relationship (very very easy)

Q)3 Three Friends (A,B,C) each brought tickets B brought twice that of C and A brought 3 times that of B . Each of their brothers also brought tickets .

(2 questions on the above para ) (Very very easy)

The Paper was easy . Out of 300 ,135 cleared the test and 65 got selected.

They give great importance to Academic results.

Technical Interview:

6 Panels , Questions ranged from Area of interest to even Politics and other general


Some Panel gave more importance to HR Questions especially Suresh(one who did the PPT)

Stay Cool and be prepared for questions in area of Interest(esp. OS ,DBMS)