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Placement Paper MLRIT, Hyderabad 06 November 2010 by CTS

Details of Placement Paper MLRIT, Hyderabad 06 November 2010 by CTS conducted by CTS for job interview.
I,m a CSE student. I had attended CTS Off-Campus written test on 25th September at MLRIT, Hyderabad. The test was conducted 2 days(25th and 26th, mine was on 25th).

It was an online test. 55 questions and 50 mins.

No negative marking.

It was conducted by Merit track ppl.

Everyone will get a different paper.

The test consisted of 2 parts.
Analytical and logical, once you jump from one section to another you cannot come back to previous one( you can jump between questions in the same section though).

Time management is very important.

Before the test you have to fill in a form like S/W orientation, long term goals etc as said by others in the website(that too online only).

I will tell you the type of questions asked.

CTS Part 1(Analytical)30 questions:

* A pie diagram with data is given and questions will be asked on that(Bit difficult)
* Syllogisms(1st only one conclusion is given and 2 statements are given choose the statement).
* Completing the figures, next figure in the series.
* Data sufficiency qustions.
* Coding and decoding.
* Finding conclusion for a statement.
(No cube question in off-campus)

CTS Part 2(Verbal) 25 questions:

* Two very very long passages and 10 to 12 questions from it. I didn,t have time so did it randomly. do passages at last).
* Finding the correct and incorrect sentences.
* Finding the incorrect part in a sentence.
As I said time management is very important. Don,t go for questions you dont know, try them out at last.

Just concentrate on the exam because some people will come many a times to the exam hall and announce something, They try to kill your time. Don,t concentrate on them, just be with your exam.

CTS Technical interview:

I cleared the test, had interview on 7th Oct, 2010 at 2.30 pm in CTS company, Hyderabad.
I have waited for 6,o clock & then i was called for Technical interview.

Me: Good evening, sir.
He: Good evening, sit down.

He: Where are you from?
Me: Sir, i,m from khamma (AP)

He: OK, vikram, what is trouble pointer?
Me: I don,t know sir.

He: Ok, how we implement linked list?
me: Sir, I,m not good at data structures.
He: Do you know Java?
me: Not completely, I just know opp,s concepts in it.

He: Do you know xml?
me: No sir,but said the purpose of xml.

He: What is valid xml?
me: I dont know.
(to the first 5-6 questions my answer was just"i dont know")
He: Do you play games?
Me: Not often.

He: Tell me about ur college life?
Me: Told

He: So, you are intrested in business management.(I mentioned in the resume)
He: What are your goals?

Me: told
He: Why do we need programming languages?

Me: To develop softwares.
He: Why do we need softwares?

Me: I thought a while and said, oh! it,s a difficult question.
He: Yes it is.

He: Ok, what are the five big problems in India?
Me: Told 3 and was thinking for rest 2.

He: Ok, do you know about stock market. (as i am interested in MBA, he asked this sort of questions.)
Me: Yes, sir.

He: Tell about it?
Me: Told

He: Which subject would you like to talk about for 1 hour, xml or C++ ?
Me: C++, sir.

He: For 1 hour?!
Me: Yes, sir.

He: Are you sure?
Me: 100%. Showing him my thumb(he was just checking my confidence)

He: Ok, then start.
Me: Can i come from C to C++.

He: No, only C++ for 1 hour.
Me: Started telling about cpp(and i kept telling about C++ for about 15 -20 mins, and suddenly he stopped me.)

He: Ok, Vikram, tell about your project?
Me: Told

He: What are your hobbies?
Me: Yold

He: Nice talking to you, Vikram.
Me: For me 2, thank you, sir.

Tip: Tell yes, if you are completely sure about something and never try to be oversmart. If you really want to impress interviewer, be very good at just 1 subject, it,s enough.

After 10 minutes, i was intimated that i have cleared technical interview and called for HR interview.

CTS HR interview:

Me: Good evening, sir.
He: Please sit down.

He: Asked about percentages from
Me: Told

He: Where are you from?
Me: Told

He: Do you watch movies?
Me: Sometimes.

He: Recent movie?
Me: 3 idiots

He: Tell me the story.
Me: Told

He: Vikram, you do one thing!
me: What ,sir?

He: Now you go to your home and after 7 days check out your mail, you will be getting an offer letter.
Me: Thank you sir, thank you very much.