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General - Interview 1 by CTS

Details of General - Interview 1 by CTS conducted by CTS for job interview.


hi these were d interview ques which i was asked by CTS...


explain ur project Do u kno Database what is normalisation what r d types n explain each give examples for each type.. what is a priamary key what is a foriegn key what is a composite key what is d difference between unique key n priamry key what r constraints write a query to include a constraint while creating a table to  check whether the employee salary is greater than 5000 what is ASP.NET  what is Global.ascx how hav u used user control what r d various functions in Global.ascx what is the use of session fuction what is the difference between VBscript and Javascript what is the difference between ASP.NET and Javascript what do u feel about Debugging write a program in c to find the greatest of three numbers..


Tell me abt urself what r ur interests what is happening in chennai what is happening in India what is currently happening in IT field why do u say smart work is better than hard work where do u want to work(place) how do u say that u would get accomodated to any place which technology do u want to work