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Cognizant Off Campus March 13th 2010 Placement Papers by CTS

Details of Cognizant Off Campus March 13th 2010 Placement Papers by CTS conducted by CTS for job interview.
Hi Friends,

i attend cognizant off campus march 13th..

Here m Posting d Question Pattern asked @ Cts


The Selection Process consists Of 3 Rounds :-

i) Written Test

ii) Technical

iii) Hr

Before d test u ve to fill a form
Do it Carefully Bec i gt quest 4m tat..

1) s/w orientation

2) Interest,Hobbies nd Exta curricular

3) strength & Weakness

4) Short term & ling term Goal

5) Expectation from Cts

6) What r d Qualities Necessart 4 s/w Professional 2 be Successful.?


There Was 2 Section :- (totally 55 Questions)

* Analyticai - 30 ques

* verbal - 25 ques

The Analytical Section Was Easy Compare 2 Verbal Section becz Time Management Is Very Important


Find d odd one from d given set of figures



find d missing term

Data interpretation

logical Question


Comprehension {passage was 2 big nd difficult 2 understand}

find d incorrect Sentences

find d correct Sentences

Arrange d jumbled Sentences

I Suggest u ppl 2 take d Comprehension based ques @ last

Hope Dis Paper ll Help u...

{dont blame me if it was little different for u }