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Placement Paper BITS,warangal 23 July 2010 by CSC

Details of Placement Paper BITS,warangal 23 July 2010 by CSC conducted by CSC for job interview.
Hi frndz... This is Gopi shiva Krishna frm vaagdevi college of engg(WGL). I,ve attended the CSC recruitment which held in BITS(Warangal) off campus on june 14th 2010 and m frm ECE.I dont know the exact number of people attended this redruitment n I think it is around 1200people .But,they were many in number.The recruitment process is as follows:

Plz just go through the previous paper technical and aptitude questions. Same pattern will appear every time; its through guys just go through the previous qns n answers. Its very imp.So the recruitment goes like this

1. Presentation

2. Technical test

3. Aptitude Test




CSC is a good n global company. Just hav faith in god u can easily get in to this if u r perfect in technical skils n they will definitely see the fluency n way of communication.

Friendz first 2rounds r too easy to get in n 3rd round is the major elimination round, so guys just be carefull abt this 3rd round, my friends all r eliminated in this due to lack of fluency in English n prununciation.


First,they gave the technical paper to solve to get shortlisted for the second round.It consistd of 75 qstns to be solved in 40 minutes.It was like a piece of cake for me to solve the paper.plss read the qstns and answers which i give and all are right answers...


This paper consists of 40 qstns to be solved in 40 minutes.This section was moderate(not so difficult).

-->One qstsn was on propabiltity like there are 3 piles of books.Each containing 6,5,4 books.What is the propability that first book will be arranged and so on.. ans: 12!

--->One qstn on profit and loss..

--->one qstns on speed and distance.

--->there were 3 fill ups with suitable words. (easy)

--->there were 5-6 passages (all easy)

--->there were 3-4 analogies.

--->one qstns on permutation.

--->one qstn was on ages..

---->two qstns were from ratios.

---->Then one one problem from geometry containing 3 sub-qstns.(See BARRONS would be helpful)

---->One function like f(0,x)=x+1
f(x,y)=f(x+2,f(y-1))(not the exact qstns but similar like that) then find f(1,1),f(3,0).f(1,2),then derive f(3,0) in terms of f(0.0),f(1,0),f(1,2).Totally 5 sub qstns ..all were easy..

---->One Sudoku problem..A 3*3 block in which only 2 blocks were filled.The remaining bloxks had to be filled such that diagonally,vertically, horizontally it should sum up to 15..based on this 5 easy qstns were given..

The results were announced. I was shortlistd for the third round (JAM).. wid in half n hour we were asked to gather in seminar room n we were divided into batches n each batch were asked to go to the HR room i.e., third round:


so in this round my HR sad me to speak something n she asked me to chose my own topic n I chosed Gadjets topic n I spoke for abt 2min n then she asked me Tell me abt urself.. Results were announced immediately n I was shortlisted for the 4th round


Dont be tensed just hav faith in GOD n Be confident with ur basic skills (C,C++),java n ur mini n main projects really its very imp .If you are of ECE be confident with your core knowledge.It helps you a lot.Be cool as much as you can. Mine technical round was around 45 to 55 min.

5. HR INTERVIEW(pls read frndz its very Imp)
ME: May I come in mam


ME:Good evening mam

HR: good evening, pls be seated

ME:I sat

HR:so,tell me abt ur self

ME:firstly I told my name n then abt my B-Tech, branch wid percentage n then I told abt my inter n thn my 10th n then I told abt my Achievements n academic records

HR:ok so u r all perfect

ME: ofcourse mam(said wid confident)

HR:well Mr.Gopi!! wat r ur hobbies

ME:ii told Swimming n cooking

HR:she smiled n asked me to tell procedure of any 2 r 3 best cooking items


HR:wat is ur weakness

ME:I said wen m in intermediate I was very poor in communication skills n inter-personnal skills n I said I improved myself a lot n I prepared myself to be in this position wer Im proud to say now

HR:she again asked, wat is ur present weakness

ME:I told that I used to sprinkle chilli powder in curries more n more

HR:she smiled n said congrats we will meet soon n she gave me a shake-hand

ME:I said.Thanku mam.