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Placement Paper DELHI 07 July 2010 by Crompton

Details of Placement Paper DELHI 07 July 2010 by Crompton conducted by Crompton for job interview.
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1. mohr circle is used to find?

2. Wat wil hapen to height of a capilary tube-
a) increses wit increase in diametr
b) decrease wid increase in diametr
c) inceare wit increase in specific weight
d) decerase wid increase in specific weight

3. Specific speed of turbine signifies
a) rotational speed
b) head
c) flow rate
d) not remember

4. Power of a belt is givn by-
a) mass
b) velocity
c) arc
d) all the above

5. At what temperature celsius nd faherinit is equal-
answer. -40

6. Slenderness ratio of a mild steel is-
a) >80
b) 90
d) adhesive force
b) cohesive force