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Whole Testpaper1 - Interview Number 2 by Convergys

Details of Whole Testpaper1 - Interview Number 2 by Convergys conducted by Convergys for job interview.
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CONVERGYS PATTERN ON 8th AUGUST 2006 AT VIJAYAVADA   hi friends this is padma priya trying to help you by sharing my experiences at convergys interview....                       Getting hall ticket is itself tough because the cutoff % was 70% after getting hallticket you  can take the test                       TEST PATTERN     :  20 english (they will be giving u a passage and the words u have to choose the word tht matches perfectly)                                                       : 45 aptitude(it,s quiet easy if u prepare R.S.AGARWAL                                                        :10 UNIX(this i found quite difficult but if u r inteligent u can...........)                                                        :10 RDBMS(this is the same as unix but i felt it quiet easy)                                                        : 15 CPP(this is the toughest part in the paper  but if u r perfect it,s quiet easy...)                                           PREPARE WELL BCZ STARTING SALARY ITSELF IS 35000                                             DON,T GIVE UP AS WE GAVE UP