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Whole Testpaper by Convergys

Details of Whole Testpaper by Convergys conducted by Convergys for job interview.
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CONVERGYS PAPER ON 5th AUGUST 2006  AT PUNJAB The test was conducted for recruiting "junior graduate trainees" for s/w development. eligibility criteria was 60% or above in 10 and +2.65% above in graduation and 70% above in post graduation. the pattern was as follows: 20 ques- inferential english (22 min)45 ques- general Aptitude (48 min)10 ques- Unix (10min)10 Ques- RDBMS(10 min)15 Ques- C++(15 min) -------------------- English It was some paragraph on some astrophysicist hawkings and there were 20 blanks which had to be filled by choosing appropriate word from 4  choices ( for each blank). ------------------ Aptitude consisted of some block seating problems like six people are sitting facing each other on 2 benches etc.-80 people play football and 20 play hockey and football .total students are 130. how many play only hockey.- 20% watch zee movies and 30% watch star and 50% watch discovery.30% watch both zee and star then how many watch only star... such kind of questinos.- one ques on blod relation.- ques on ages.- changing in binary form and representing symbol 0 by * and 1 by & choose the correct pattern like 4 stands for &**.- dice coloring ques.------------------ Unix- which one is not a defined keyword in unix :do,done ,end,until-there were question on scripts only like script was given and its output was asked .you had to choose correct one.